Our Fab February

We started off February with a fun spirit week including silly socks, superheroes, and student skills at the annual talent show. We also food donations for Loaves and Fishes. Now that deserves a karate yell!

What We’re Working On

The Essentials this session address being in line. Don’t cut and keep your hands to yourself. We spend time lining up before each of our sessions, right? You can’t really cut (as Mr. Bean is inconsiderately doing in this funny video), but it is certainly more respectful to stand with your hands at your side, waiting patiently. If you’re moving around a lot and making noise, it’s distracting to students already on the mat. You want to get the most out of your class time, let them do the same.

You Say It’s Your Birthday..

We’ve been in this same space since 2003, and we love all 7,800-square-foot of our South End facility. Yet, it was time to enter the high-def age. Just in case you don’t want to stand at the front desk reading the TV announcing birthdays this month, here’s a handy list:

Sharyq Siddiqi, Feb 1

Clara Woody, Feb 5

Ben Reister, Feb 9

Nathan Slattery, Feb 9

Benton Ashe, Feb 12

Lynne Lainis, Feb 12

Hayden Lambkin, Feb 16

Blake Aghjayan, Feb 21

Kate McLauglin, Feb 21

Winston Smith, Feb 23

Jack Andreozzi, Feb 24

Michael Hamrick, Feb 26

Tilden Haislip, Feb 27

Gregg Watkins, Feb 28

Gabriel Villatoro, Feb 29

Help your classmates celebrate by wishing them the best next year!

Did You Know?

At the beginning of the year many people make resolutions and try to improve. Martial arts can help with self-improvement of course. But, what else can help you reach your goals?

  • Set achievable goals: Challenge is good, but don’t want push so hard that you end up giving up in defeat.
  • Write them down: This helps make the resolution real.
  • Share them with others: Make yourself accountable.
  • Celebrate achievements along the way: Breaking the goal into smaller pieces allows you to enjoy a feeling of accomplishment as you go.

Consider Hanshi Matthew Ryan’s advice: “If you persist at something you will achieve it if you put your mind to it.”

Looking ahead to summer?

Our summer camp is back and registration is open. For the weeks between June 15 and Aug 15, campers can enjoy two daily karate classes along with games, activities, water day, movies and more. Camp is open from 730 am to 6 pm. Cost is $229/week. Pick up your registration form in the lobby!


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