Sweets Endorsed by Sensei?

There are not many times Sensei encourages us to eat sweets. The Black Belt Bake Sale was one of them though. Thanks to all those who came out March 28 to enjoy the goodies made to raise $ for the Black Belt Club and support its good deeds.

What We’re Working On

This session’s rules are life lessons that have reverberations outside of CMAA. No. 51: “Live so that you will never have regrets.” Don’t let obstacles stand in your way. Dream big!

This month, we’ll also talk about No. 52 learning from your mistakes and moving on.

Did you know? Basketball legend Michael Jordan has “failed over and over and over again” in his life, yet he feels that’s why he has succeeded.

Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin and Marilyn Monroe are among other famous folk who didn’t let a little failure or disappointment set them back!

Get to Know Hanshi Tyler Grier

Hanshi Tyler, a Myers Park High School student, has been practicing martial arts since he was six. He’s enjoyed training and learning new things. Working at CMAA has given him experience leading a group and working with kids. He wishes his martial arts experience lent him special powers – his top choice would be the ability to control time. Then he’d have more time to hang out with friends.

No matter what, he says, he wants all CMAA students to know that their hard work will pay of if they stick with it. “No matter what,” he said. “Keep going and push yourself.” It’s fitting advice to accompany this session’s lessons.


  • April 3
  • Jordan Kelly
  • Seth McRae
  • Lindsey Skardon
  • April 4
  • Liz Savis
  • Kate Hoover
  • April 7
  • Noelle DeAtley
  • April 9
  • LeaAnn Cook
  • April 10
  • Stone Simpson
  • Theo Watkins
  • April 11
  • Cameron Shores
  • April 12
  • Julia Buchenau
  • April 13
  • Keith Bryant
  • Ryan Campos
  • April 15
  • Garrett Godshell
  • April 18
  • Jennifer Roberts
  • April 19
  • Laurie Bonds
  • Ben Meyerson
  • April 20
  • Dylan Younce
  • April 21
  • Caleb Knight
  • Christopher Knight
  • April 22
  • Cortney Nauck
  • April 24
  • Alex Mullis
  • April 27
  • Alex Kendrick
  • April 28
  • Jo Barnett

Smart Thinking

Image source: Lifehack Quotes

Image source: Lifehack Quotes


Please keep in mind that we’re closed for Easter Break April 3rd to 6th. See you after you eat those ears off the chocolate bunnies!


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