Seize the Day with CMAA

With Spring Break behind us, there’s only summer ahead! CMAA’s summer camp is back between June 15 and Aug 15. Register now. Campers enjoy two daily karate classes along with games, activities, water day, movies and more. Camp is open from 730 am to 6 pm. Cost is $229/week. Pick up your registration form today!

What We’re Working On

Nearing the end of Ron Clark’s The Essential 55, we’re challenged to be martial artists who live with integrity. We’re encouraged to be straightforward individuals who tell the truth — no matter the circumstances. Honesty is critical; it builds trust and fosters understanding.

The other lesson is “Carpe Diem.” No matter how hard you train, you’re only going to live once. This rule is to “seize the day” and live life to the fullest. Robin Williams encouraged his students to “Carpe Diem” in the movie Good Will Hunting. Watch the clip and then make your own life extraordinary.

Students of the Month
Be sure to congratulate our most recent students of the month!

  • Little Dragons — Garrett Godshall
  • Junior — Christopher Beaman
  • Adult — Laney Abernethy
  • Black Belt Club/Nidan Club — Jonathan Carcamo
  • SWAT Team — Jacob Glenn
  • Elite SWAT — Jack LaPiana
  • STORM Team — Alex Kendrik
  • Fitness Kickboxing — Skott Shores

We love these students’ hard work, perseverance and great attitude! In fact, this isn’t even Laney’s first time being recognized. She was also Student of the Month in December 2012. Keep up the great work!

Did you know?

The best way to promote honesty is to focus on the positive consequences of being truthful. Famous tales about fibbing include Pinocchio, The Boy Who Cried Wolf or the tale of George Washington and the cherry tree. Only the story of the future president admitting to axing the tree and being applauded by his father for his honesty influenced children’s impulse to tell the in a Canadian research team’s study.


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