Be the Best You Can

Our year with Ron Clark’s 55 Essential Rules is drawing to a close. If you joined us midway through the book, it’s worth checking out from the beginning. We hope you’ve learned as much from sharing this book with us as we have from teaching it.

Ultimately the book’s message is simple: Be the Best You Can Be. Martial arts represent a great way to help you achieve that goal. Fostering respect, self-discipline, self-confidence, and the courage to act with integrity, we hope to keep you motivated to achieve your dreams on and off the mats.

In the meantime, with The Essentials behind us, we’re going to need you all to learn our Summer Camp song. You should know it and be able to sing it backwards for classes by May 15. Don’t know it? Uh oh. What will happen?

Get to Know Sempai Stephen Grier

Wait, another Grier? Yep. You met Hanshi Tyler Grier last month. But this month we’re introducing you to big brother Stephen. After 12 years as a martial artist, Stephen says he enjoys doing something that not a lot of people are doing. “When I tell someone I do martial arts, they are so impressed.”

The most challenging thing he’s ever done with CMAA is the shoulder rolls, but with the discipline he’s learned on the mats he’s been able to succeed at those too. In fact, what he likes best about teaching is seeing his students succeed in areas where they previously struggled.

In the meantime, he offers these words of wisdom: “Getting your black belt will happen, but in time…As important as it is to set that end goal of receiving that black belt, make sure you are also focused on the smaller goals and are learning what you need to at each belt.”

Help Us Celebrate these CMAA Birthdays!

May 2

  • Aubrey Doyle
  • Charlotte Gay
  • Grace Gay

May 3

  • Logan Payne

May 4

  • Kristina Szelkowski

May 5

  • Christopher Cooper

May 6

  • Graham Robinson

May 10

  • Paul Telljohann


  • Sean Borachok

May 14

  • Keane Teeter

More to come next blog!

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