Zombie Bear & CMAA

Zombie Bear & CMAA

Zombie bear? Do we have your attention? We certainly get the attention of our summer campers when we call for a round of zombie bear. That’s just one of the many fun games participants will be enjoying this summer between June 15 and Aug 15 along with two daily karate classes, water day, movies, and more.

Camp is open from 730 am to 6 pm. You can also drop-in for a day for just $49 (and the cost of a camp shirt if you don’t have one already).

What We’re Working On

Classes will be continuing on our regular schedule during the summer months, although we’ve also added two morning classes on Tuesday and Thursday at 930 to accommodate people’s schedules in the warmer months.

Students of the Month
We applaud our most recent students of the month!

Little Dragons — Olivia Campos

Junior — Christopher Cooper

Adult — Grace Gay

Black Belt Club/Nidan Club — Stone Simpson

SWAT Team — Emma Small

Elite SWAT — Andrew Permenter

STORM Team — Jacob Asmer

Fitness Kickboxing — Kim Glenn

These students worked hard on the mats and made a difference as class participants and leaders. Sensei Price chose Jacob Asmer as the STORM Team member of the month “due to his hard work, discipline and leadership.” He is maintaining a tough schedule of 10 hours of training weekly for his Black Belt, teaching 4 hours per week, assisting at the incredible charity Project2Heal, keeping his grades up and maintaining a family life!!! Keep up the hard work everyone.

Did you know?

Summer brain drain is more likely to occur in math, regardless of the student’s place on the socioeconomic spectrum. In fact, with both reading and mathematics, “two-thirds of the achievement gap occurs during the summers, not during the school year,” Richard Allington, a professor of education at the University of Tennessee and past president of the International Reading Association, said in The Washington Post.

Introduce your student to Math Arcade this summer or try these fun math games.

Martial Arts

Math matters!


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