CMAA Campers & Samurai Legends

There are many reasons students enjoy our nine weeks of camp each summer. These include the martial arts classes, water fun, gymnastics, games, arts & crafts and movies. But for many campers the best part is learning to work with a weapon.

This summer the weapon Sensei selected is a wooded sword with a sheath. They are fun, of course, but also require great concentration to master the combinations of blocks, strikes, spins and footwork. Want to learn more about Samurai swords? Black Belt Magazine published a fun debunking myths article.

Get to Know J.T. Bicket

The sparring and grappling are the best part of martial arts for Sho-Hanshi JT Bicket. After six years of martial arts training in combat, fitness, and technique he now enjoys the satisfaction of seeing others learn and grow. The Carmel Christian School student is also a fan of wakeboarding and spending time outdoors when he’s not competing in online video games or airsoft events. He credits CMAA with helping him develop leadership, self-discipline and determination. His advice? “Keep it up and always have a positive attitude. Along your martial arts journey use the advice of others and difficulty struggles to improve and make you the best that you can be.”


Help us celebrate these 17 birthdays for members of the CMAA family!

July 1

  • Hunter Meeker

July 5

  • Rhett Teeter

July 7

  • David Patefield
  • Todd Patefield
  • Alex Walker

July 12

  • Derek Walker

July 13

  • Douglas Christen

July 14

  • Jacob Asmer
  • Ethan Payne

July 15

  • Joe Knaack

July 17

  • Clark Jaeger

July 19

  • Nathan Glenn
  • Evan Monte

July 23

  • Emma Fix

July 24

  • Eli Knief

July 30

Nicholas Wells

July 31

  • Lukas Sizemore

Smart Thinking


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