Martial Arts Matters

In summertime there are many other obligations that can get in the way of a regular martial arts practice. Trips away and no school days to provide a regular routine can make keeping up with some commitments a challenge.

CMAA understands the pressures — that’s why we have added extra daytime classes during the week — but we also want to take this opportunity to credit all of our students for their perseverance. The discipline and responsibility CMAA students demonstrate in class never wanes and that makes us proud to have you all as part of our martial arts family.

Students of the Month
Be sure to congratulate our most recent students of the month!

Little Dragons — Loral Kingsley

Junior — Alec Antista

Adult — Chris Angel

Black Belt Club/Nidan Club — Hank Schmidt

SWAT Team — Sam Georgopolous

Elite SWAT — Hayden Lambkin

STORM Team — Sho-Kohai Brent Krug

Fitness Kickboxing — Scott Reister

Alec is a rising third grader at Park Road Montessori who also enjoys soccer. The hardest thing so far for him at CMAA has been learning his green belt kata. What he likes best about doing martial arts is being constantly encouraged to do more.

Did you know?

Writing things down is a powerful act. Writing can help you know who you are at a given moment and can help you further develop the mind-body-spirit connection that is so important to the martial arts. suggests people try free writing — writing whatever is on your mind without censoring yourself at all — or writing letters to loved ones. The advantage of the letters is that if you mail this writing you get the added benefit of knowing you are going to make someone else’s day too.


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