August is About Happiness

Have you heard about Happiness Happens Month? Each August the National Society of Happy People challenges individuals to spend 31 days consciously aiming to be happy and make others happy.

What are some ways of doing so? Attending martial arts camp or class is an obvious option. Some others the society suggests are: Sing out loud. Compliment people. Take a mini-vacation. Then, there’s laughter. Check out John Cleese’s examination of laughter clubs or just watch him silly walk. Or even just smile.

The society encourages people to share their happiness using #HHM2015. We’d love to see your #cmaa #HHM2015 pics on Facebook and Instagram.

Get to Know Tommy Simpson

Kohai Tommy Simpson has been doing the martial arts for the past seven years. It’s a great way for him to keep fit and teaching makes him focus on his own techniques and how he performs as a martial artist. In his free time he likes to shoot things, but if he could have any superpower it would be the ability to fly. As an adult student and now staff member at CMAA he encourages everyone to realize “you are never to old or out of shape to get started.”


Help us celebrate these 16 birthdays for members of the CMAA family! None are actually turning 16, but we hope the day is sweet nonetheless.

August 2

  • Natascha Loeb

August 4

  • Laney Abernethy

August 7

  • Rawles Kelly
  • Lisa Marie Yount

August 8

  • Ainsley Lauder

August 10

  • Jack LaPiana

August 12

  • Justin Sparks

August 14

  • King Chan

August 17

  • Cooper Angel

August 18

  • Davis Culp

August 23

  • Ava Murphy

August 24

  • Mandy Stroup

August 25

  • Mason Shores

August 30

  • Christopher Beaman
  • Stephen Knaack

August 31

  • Hadley Paben

Smart Thinking


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