Sayonara CMAA Seniors

As a new school year begins, we say goodbye to some staff members moving on to college. Five great teachers and training partners taught a final class together on August 10. Ask any of the 60 or so students attending — it was one of the loudest classes we’ve had with a lot of laughing along with true martial arts expertise. Although we’re still not sure when students will be using the “giraffe prance.”

John Turner is moving on to N.C. State, while Sho Sempei Ashe is off to Elon, and Hanshi Ryan will be starting at West Virginia Wesleyan. Both Sempei Buchenau and Sempei Grier are off to UNC Chapel Hill.

Asked to recollect the graduates as teachers, Brent Krug noted, “they push you hard but they are just as quick to cheer you on.”

“You can’t separate one from the others,” added Kristina Szelkowski (“Mrs. Z”). “They are all great teachers and wonderful guys, and we’re all going to miss them.”

(From left to right) Bucheneau, Grier, Ryan, Turner, Ashe

(From left to right) Buchenau, Grier, Ryan, Turner, Ashe

Students of the Month
Be sure to congratulate our most recent students of the month!

Little Dragons — Maxon Whalen

Junior — Andrew Salmon

Adult — Harrison Pedigo

Black Belt Club/Nidan Club — Sam Georgeopolous

SWAT Team — Grace Gay

Elite SWAT — IA Chance Nisley

STORM Team — Kohai Ryan Borachok

Fitness Kickboxing — Susan Gursky

Did you know?

 As you start planning packing school lunches, keep in mind the need to pack a healthy drink. With 2/3 of our bodies made up of water, it’s important to stay hydrated. Dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue, crankiness, and poor concentration. If that’s not enough reason to drink more, dehydration can also negatively impact your athletic performance (and you don’t want to be sluggish on the mats).

Water and low fat milk are the best for you. According to a nutrition site from the Australian government, “a 250ml glass of apple juice or cola contains the equivalent of six teaspoons of sugar.” Meanwhile, sports drinks actually “encourage more fluid consumption than plain water because of their taste and sodium content.”


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