Labor Day & CMAA

Labor Day weekend is coming, which means you’re likely looking forward to relaxing, maybe barbecuing or taking a last, quick trip to the beach. Yet, let’s also take this week to reflect on the labor you’re doing in your day-to-day efforts as martial artists.

Being part of the CMAA family can be hard work at times. Sensei knows you don’t always want to be at every class. But part of your growth process is sticking with your training even when it is difficult, or challenging, or when your only motivation is your Mom saying “you are going!”

You can’t become a true martial artist without perseverance (remember when you did 50 repetitions of a particular technique over 20 days?) and hard work. So, even as you enjoy an extra day off for this Labor Day weekend, we applaud you on your continued effort at CMAA.

Keep in mind, if you really don’t want to do any labor, you could hire some of our students to do it for you. The brown belts are looking to raise funds, and available to complete small jobs for you! Learn more at the front desk or ask Taryn Mecia when you see her.

Get to Know Theo Watkins

When he isn’t seeking a sparring partner at CMAA, Hanshi Theo Watkins loves to play ultimate and eat. Yes, the Myers Park High student really enjoys both sparring and eating (particularly mango). Studying martial arts has given him great character traits such as self-discipline, perseverance and the ability to work with skills and be a leader. His advice is particularly applicable for this blog: “Stay with it no matter how much you want to quit.” He was tempted to give up a few times, but says now, “I’m so glad I stuck with it as it has given me tons of opportunities.


So many September birthdays to celebrate!

Sept 1 — Patrick Mazzocca

Sept 5 — Benji Crawford

Sept 7 — Lance Fuquay and Franklin Monroe

Sept 8 — Sandy Skardon

Sept 10 — Eric Loselle and Cindy Watkins

Sept 13 — Jude Murphy and Lydia Skardon

Sept 15 — Joseph Citarella

Sept 16 — Luke Godshall, Chance Nisley and Janna Williams

Sept 17 — Meredith Angel

Sept 19 — Andrew Salmon

Sept 20 — Rowan Hall and Jack Sorge

Sept 21 — Luke Delaney

Sept 25 — JT Bicket

Sept 26 — Stellan Barkley

Sept 27 — Reid Wilson

Sept 28 — Matthew Davis and Matthew Mecia

Sept 30 — Tyler Grier

Smart Thinking


Keep in mind Buddy Week is this month! Bring a friend to introduce them to our martial arts family!


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