Buddies, Baking and Testing..Oh My.

It’s a busy September at Charlotte Martial Arts Academy!

Buddy week is this week, and we’re enjoying seeing the new faces of your friends and family members out there on the mats with us.

What better way to celebrate the conclusion of another exciting buddy week than with some yummy cookies, brownies or cakes? The Sept. 19th bake sale at the studio supports the Black Belt Cycle students as they raise funds to support CMAA. You can thank them for helping purchase those brand new mats.

Finally, this month ends with Novice and Intermediate Testing Sept. 30th at 645 p.m. Sensei Price’s advice for testing success? “Practice hard,” and turn in your homework before the testing date. According to Sensei, “incomplete homework is the single biggest thing that keeps people from being able to test.” Don’t let this happen to you!

Students of the Month

A hearty congratulations to the most recent winners of the coveted Student of the Month award:

  • Little Dragon — Zara Bridgmon
  • Junior — Audrey Salmon
  • Adult — Megan McRae
  • Black Belt/Nidan Club — Alex Kedar
  • SWAT — Christopher Young
  • Elite SWAT — IA Andrew Permenter
  • STORM — Kohai Kelly Davis
  • Fitness Kickboxing — Lisa Kendrick

After five years of martial arts practice Andrew Permenter enjoys teaching as part of the Elite SWAT team. The 12-year-old Holy Trinity student is a brown belt that appreciates the confidence he is gaining in his ability to teach. His best lesson learned from CMAA? He says that’s self-control, particularly in sparring and grappling. He says it helps him in every day life when dealing with people, especially in knowing not to spar or grapple with those who might be annoying him!

martial arts

Photo credit: Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Did you know?

Have you heard of a runner’s high? Well, researchers at the University of Montreal, have found that the feeling of well-being runners experience is not only due to the release of endorphins. Dopamine also plays into this and evolutionary biology. Science Daily reports the researchers concluded that “ultimately, hormones are sending the brain a clear message: when food is scarce, it’s fun to run to chase some down.”


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