Enjoy your days at CMAA

Many associate the martial arts with stern-faced silent types. After all, martial artists must demonstrate great mental and physical strength and self-discipline.

Yet at CMAA, we want to train students in the necessary skills and attributes while encouraging them to find joy in the martial arts.

Yes, we’ll be stern at times – especially when it’s about being safe and showing respect and courtesy. But, ultimately, a successful martial artist can balance his or her abilities on the mats with a love of life without letting one overtake the other. We want you to be good at what you do at CMAA, but we want you to enjoy your training too. 

Get to Know Andrew Davis

Sho Hanshi Andrew Davis enjoys the physical and mental challenges of martial arts and being able to progress at his own pace. The Charlotte Catholic student says he’s learned perseverance, leadership and teamwork at CMAA. That last one helps him out at school where he’s on the football team and likes to play basketball. He enjoys teaching at CMAA because it is a way to give back, saying he gains “the satisfaction of being able to help others.”


We have lots of birthdays to celebrate this month. Be sure to share the goodwill.

Oct. 2

  • Jackson Coble
  • Mary Roberts

Oct. 4

  • Cooper Streiff

Oct. 8

  • Zalir Walcott

Oct. 9

  • Elijah Griffin
  • Graham Young

Oct. 10

  • William Davis
  • Charlie Sellers

Oct. 13

  • Kristin Darnell
  • Jordan Jaeger
  • Loral Kingsley
  • Manley Roberts

Oct. 17

  • Keenan Jaeger
  • Lauren Shelton

Oct. 18

  • Alden Fletcher
  • Harrison LeHew

Oct. 19

  • Oliver Brown
  • Alex Kieffer

Oct. 20

  • Matthew Sensabaugh

Oct. 21

  • Wade Thompson
  • Natalie Bookout

Oct. 22

  • Ryan Borachok

Oct. 24

  • Audrey Knaack

Oct. 27

  • Miller Baldwin

Oct. 28

  • Amelia Monte

Oct. 31

  • Ariana Carcamo
  • Ariel Carcamo

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