CMAA’s Latest Trick: Healthy Treats!

You know by now that we don’t only focus on martial arts at CMAA. We want our students to be healthy and strong too. Anyone at green belt and above knows about the five-day nutritious eating challenge!

As Halloween approaches, let us remind you that gorging on sweets isn’t a great example of self-discipline. Does that make us spoilsports? Fine, we’ll keep it up by providing parents with some suggestions for alternative treats to offer when the costumed munchkins come calling:

  • Fun temporary tattoos
  • Glow-in-the-dark teeth, necklaces, bands
  • Halloween bubbles or rubber ducks
  • Bouncy balls
  • Healthy snacks such as raisins, pretzel or popcorn packs, string cheese, even sugarless chewing gum.

Students of the Month!
Be sure to congratulate our most recent students of the month!

Little Dragon: Eli Knief

Junior: Wade Thompson

Adult: Skott Shores

Black Belt Club: Alden Fletcher

SWAT: Charlotte Gay

Elite SWAT: IA Hayden Lambkin

STORM: Kohai Sean Borachok

FKB: Eric Loselle

Park Road Montessori Mornings: Cole Haas

Skott Shores has been coming to CMAA for years with his kids, but he only just started on the mats himself a year ago. He’s been impressed with CMAA’s commitment to excellence and the individual. They will work with anybody, of any skill level, for as long as it takes to help them achieve the best they can.” He says the studio has become a favorite place to be – “I love the fact that it’s a place where, succeed or fail, you are supported and encouraged.”

Did you know?

Today’s tradition of Halloween dates back to a Celtic year’s end celebration known as Samuin. For Nov. 1, people blackened their faces and dressed up as evil spirits. Why? Because they believed that on this day the dead were allowed to roam Earth again, and they’d be left alone if dressed as actual spirits. Of course, we at CMAA would rather practice martial arts to defend ourselves!


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