Black Belt Kudos and Kids Locked In.

Fall is truly here. CMAA also sees a change of season as we congratulate and celebrate the hard working students who just successfully earned their black belts. The end of one black belt rotation brings new students ready to accept the challenge of reaching the ultimate belt in martial arts. They do so with diligence, dedication, and perseverance.

We also know the seasons are changing when we host our annual Halloween lock-in. Since we didn’t want to compete with Halloween itself, this event is coming up on Saturday Nov. 7. Don’t forget to register at the front desk for this fun overnight with CMAA. Cost is $49 for one child, $98 for family. We’ll see you there!

Get to Know Graham Young

With five years of martial arts training under his belt Kohai Graham Young appreciates the discipline and respect aspects, as well as knowing self-defense. The Myers Park High School student enjoys teaching as its improved his abilities to communicate and enhanced his own learning. In his free time he’ll play video games, but mostly he likes to read. He says a super power he might enjoy is super speed. Perhaps he could start with super speed reading?


Help us celebrate these members of the CMAA family turning another year older!

Nov 7

  • Michele Hoffman
  • Will Lambertson

Nov 8

  • Lucas Forsythe
  • Austin Martin

Nov 20

  • Andrew Permenter
  • Katie Robinson

Nov 24

  • Audrey Jackson

Nov 26

  • Audrey Salmon
  • Evan Weinburg

Nov 28

  • Quinn McRae

Nov 30

  • Sadie Webdale

Smart Thinking


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