Get Your Kicks this January

Ah, the joy of kicking one’s board when it’s time for a new belt. There’s something so satisfying in hearing that snap-crunch as the wood splinters.

Keep in mind though, there’s another fun way to get your kick on. CMAA offers morning and evening Fitness Kickboxing classes led by Sensei Roberts or Sensei Price.

Student Darrell Anderson has said, “The kickboxing classes are tough, and I keep going back. That goes back to the instructor; even when you feel like you are about to pass out, they make you feel you can do more.”

Get to Know Graham Young

Kohai Nicholas Glenn has been training in the martial arts for about seven years. He’s a testament to Sensei Price’s oft-repeated words: “never give up.” The 15-year-old Myers Park High School student said it’s not always easy but it’s important to “ride out the lows and enjoy the highs. In the end, it will absolutely be worth it.”

As a teacher the black belt says he’s learned to “be a better person by helping students through their struggles.” Although he enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee, reading and playing video games, he’d be happiest if he had the ability to go Super Saiyan.


Help us celebrate these January babies!

Jan. 1

Elyjah Fowler

Jan 2

Bert Robinson

Jan 4

Joshua Butler

Jan 5

Lloydie JaegerTracy NisleyJackson Segebarth and Skott Shores

Jan 6

Walker Darnell and Susan Gursky

Jan 9

Lincoln Sanders and Charlie Whitmire

Jan 11

Sarah Cole and Tripp Rickenbaker

Jan 13

Zara BridgmonFinley Jaeger and Landon Thomas

Jan 14

Elliott Vennum

Jan 17

Tommy Simpson and Christopher Young

Jan 18

Sam McCrea and Amanda Wagler

Jan 20

Anne LaPiana, Menelik Murdock, and Will Mines

Jan 21

Caleb Coble and Jack Farbarik

Jan 22

Tim Kendrick

Jan 24

Kelly Davis and Max Prizinski

Jan 26

Jimmy Simpson

Jan 27

Henry McLaughlin and Jason Sparks

Jan 29

Akira Osaka


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