A Romance with Martial Arts

Why don’t any conversation hearts have anything to do with the martial arts? C’mon, nothing’s more romantic than a pink candy saying: “Spar with me” or “You’ve done a dropkick to my heart.” Guess, we could take “I get a kick out of you” in a new context.

We’ll be hosting a Valentine’s movie night. There is still time to register for this Feb 13th parents’ evening out from 6 – 10 p.m. The cost is $30 per child or $60 per family and benefits the Black Belt Club. Send kids with water and a bagged (healthy) dinner.

Planning ahead, get your student registered for next month’s visit from Sigung Richard Bustillo March 5 and 6. The cost is $179 for both days, $110/day or $59/session.

martial arts Charlotte

Photo credit: m01229 via Foter.com / CC BY

 Get to Know Jonathan Young

Fletcher School 11th grader Jonathan Young does martial arts, quite simply, because he loves it. One of three Young brothers who practice the martial arts, Jonathan also loves being outdoors. He’s a fan of adventure books; in school, the 17-year-old’s favorite subject is history. Perhaps his teachers will one day let him research the many origins of the martial arts.


Another bunch of birthdays to celebrate at CMAA this month:

Feb 8 — Rosemary Ferguson

Feb 9 — Ben Reister, Madison Segebarth, Nathan Slattery

Feb 16 — Hayden Lambkin

Feb 17 — Krista Newkirk

Feb 19 — Jake Guffin, Greg Harley

Feb 20 — Megan McRae

Feb 21 — Blake Aghjayan, Kate McLaughlin

Feb 23 — Winston Smith

Feb 24 — Jake Andreozzi

Feb 28 — Gregg Watkins

Feb 29 — Gabriel Villatoro

Smart Thinking

martial arts Charlotte

Image source: http://www.quotefancy.com


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