Spread Martial Arts Awesomeness

Now that you’ve shared the love for Valentine’s Day, it’s time to share the awesomeness of martial arts with your friends and family members. Yes, it’s our beloved Buddy Week!

From Feb 22 – 27, we’ll be welcoming students who want to try out Charlotte Martial Arts Academy. Your buddy must sign a waiver to participate in any of our classes.

The fun doesn’t stop with attending a class. We also host a Buddy Week Movie Night. Anyone who has attended buddy week as a buddy host or a buddy can attend the free Feb. 27 movie night from 6 to 10 p.m. (dinner is provided).

Don’t forget, also, our Sigung Bustillo Seminar kicks off the month of March. There are four available classes with our Sensei’s Sensei. Prices are $179 in advance, $199 at the door, $109 for one day (two classes), or $59 for one class. We’ll be closed for regularly scheduled classes that March 5.

Plus, summer Camp Registration is now open. The first 30 students registered receive a free weapon.

Students of the Month

Be sure to give an extra bow in the direction of these most recent Students of the Month:

Little Dragon — Stone Little

Junior — Colin Egan

Adult — Tiffany Shores

Black Belt/Nidan Club — Charlie Whitmire

SWAT — Reid Wilson

Elite SWAT — Chance Nisley

STORM — Kelly Davis

Fitness Kickboxing — Katie Robinson

Park Road Montessori School — Jackson Cole


We asked January’s Little Dragon of the month Dylan Younce about his CMAA experience. He’s a big fan of the training, especially punching “the squeaky things” with his extra-strong hammer fist. Asked what he’d have to say to someone thinking about taking martial arts, this polite Chantilly Elementary kindergarten student cautioned “you have to practice every day.” That’s the attitude of a future black belt!

Did you know?

Those who joined us on the Cupid Run this past weekend know already some of the reasons to run with others.


In the meantime, here are three for you to consider:

  1. Accountability. Once you arrange to run with even one other person you are more likely to do so.
  2. Motivation. You’re more likely to want to run a little farther or faster when you’re running alongside another person. In fact, according to Cindra Kamphoff, Ph.D, when running with a group“you get caught up in the pace, and you might not recognize how fast you’re going.”
  3. Progress. When one of you in the group improves, it’s likely to help all of you progress as you learn from one another and are driven to excel.

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