April Showers, Flowers and Martial Arts

 How do showers and flowers relate to CMAA? We were thinking it might be a good way to remind you that members of the black belt club are available to help our CMAA families out. That can include yard work (flowers after showers), heavy lifting, cleaning out an attic, or helping you eat all of your Easter candy (Pick me! Pick me!). Your voluntary donation is also tax-free as it’s a non-profit organization.

The cycle is also hosting a bake sale and car wash on April 9, all day and donations accepted.

For the women in the CMAA Family, we’re hosting a Women’s Self Defense Seminar on April 23 from 3:30-5:30.  Cost is $50 and there will be FREE babysitting.  Signup online — class size is limited to only 20 participants. And, yes, this is another Black Belt cycle fundraiser.


 Get to Know Dylan Williams

If you want to catch Dylan’s interest, ask him about his beloved phone. The Myers Park student currently dual enrolled at CPCC, is fascinated by phones and electronics when not doing martial arts. Having started the martial arts over a decade ago, the 17-year-old was so excited by achieving his black belt that he went home to celebrate with…sleep. “I was so tired,” he said. Nevertheless, it was worth it. He loves martial arts for the environment. “Nobody here judges. It’s a really great place to not just train, but also make friends.”


Here are some folks blowing out the candles this month with their mighty martial arts breathing.

April 1

Olivia Morano

April 3

Seth McRae

April 4

Liz Davis

Kate Hoover

April 7

Noelle DeAtley

April 10

Stone Simpson

Theo Watkins

April 11

Cameron Shores

April 12

Julie Buchenau

April 13

Kyra Roldan

April 15

Garrett Godshall

April 18

Jennifer Roberts

April 19

Laurie Bond

April 20

Max Yun

April 22

Dylan Younce

April 24

Mason Gibbs

Alex Mullis

April 25

Zach Pearson

April 27

Alex Kendrick

Smart Thinking


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