Come Celebrate with the Black Belts.

Eleven people are testing this year, undergoing the grueling process even as you read this. We’d love to see all members of the CMAA family at the annual celebration of these students hard work. Join us at the graduation May 21 at 4 p.m. at Holy Trinity School, 3100 Park Road.

Admission is a minimum cash donation of $2 per person for the Wounded Warrior Project. You’ll enjoy music, martial arts, excitement and the great camaraderie that comes when we join together to fete these awesome advancing students.

Starting the week after graduation, students will be able to wear their new (and old) CMAA T-shirts to class. Unless you are one of the Novice and Intermediates testing May 24 at 615 p.m., wear a full uniform to test.

Keep in mind that we’re closed for Memorial Day May 30 with only fitness kickboxing and strength training on the schedule.

Students of the Month

Little Dragon —Eliza Clark
Junior — Miller Baldwin
Adult — Ella Young
Black Belt Club/Nidan Club — Hayden Lambkin
SWAT — Walker Darnell
Elite SWAT — IA Jack LaPiana
STORM — Kohai Sean Borachok
Fitness Kickboxing — Joe Glenn

FKB student of the month Joe Glenn started taking CMAA classes on a challenge from his wife when his mountain biking season slowed down. While, he’s not a fan of the “endless array of crunches and sit-ups” he enjoys the “comradeship among the students.” Embracing the challenge pays off, he said. “The bottom line is you get out of it what you put into it and hard work is definitely rewarded with results you will see and feel.”


Our students, black belt or not, all learn much more than the martial arts at CMAA. Consider these other benefits:

  • On the days you’re too “tired” to go to class, but you still go you’re practicing perseverance and discipline.
  • You’re learning to take care of your body every day.
  • You’re practicing working with others and being a good teammate.
  • You’re learning to make and accomplish your goals, knowing that it will take hours and hours and hours of hard work.

Summer Camp, Magnets & More

If you haven’t yet registered for summer camp, get on it. We’re starting to fill up in some of summer sessions. Don’t miss out on the fun. Register online.

Plus, we still have some magnets you can sign out at the front desk to advertise our camp and earn some great rewards.




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