July is for Red, White and…Black Belts at CMAA

We are having plenty of fun already with summer camp sessions, but there are still several more chances for you to join.

  • Our healthy meal competition garners some great food choices from young campers.
  • Crafting and story time add to our amazing educational activities.
  • Of course they love the water day fun, too. There’s nothing as cool as soaking Sensei, right?


This month’s summer schedule sees us closed July 2 through 4. Yet we still have the extra classes for Little Dragons Tue and Thu from 930 – 10 a.m. and Juniors/Adults are 9:30 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. those same two days.

Storm and SWAT are invited to the 2016 Pool Party on July 10th. This Sunday shindig will be from 5 to 730 p.m. Guests are asked to contribute bottled water (if your last name begins with A-F), veggies (G-M), fruits (N-S) or homemade desserts (T-Z). RSVP at the front desk by July 2.

We ask that you start thinking ahead and spreading the word about our fundraising Women’s Self Defense Seminar on August 13. Women can learn self defense strategies while supporting a good cause. All proceeds of the event will go to The Sandbox, a Charlotte nonprofit that supports families of children with cancer.

Women and girls, 12 and up, can register online for this 3:30-5:30 seminar. We’re only accepting 20 participants, and there is free babysitting if it’s needed.

Learn more about the Sandbox:


Students of the Month

Be sure to give a high five to last month’s Students of the Month:

Little Dragon — Allison Fisher

Junior — Elijah Griffin

Adult — Laney Abernathy

Black Belt/Nidan Club — Charlie Sellers

SWAT — John Reiley Gregory

Elite SWAT — William Davis

STORM — Hank Schmidt

Fitness Kickboxing — DJ Stephan

High blue belt Charlie Sellers, 14, has been in martial arts for three years now. Although he finds kickboxing challenging — “it’s a super hard workout…and then afterwards I’m really sore — he enjoys working with others at CMAA and doing partner work. “I like connecting with other people.” That includes his Dad, who is a CMAA participant too. Asked what he’d say to someone thinking about starting the martial arts, he offered, “Just go for it. You might be reluctant, but you’ll like it.”

Smart Thinking


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