Sweating it out with CMAA

The dog days of summer are upon us. No wonder Wednesday’s “Water Day” is such a hit for our summer camp sessions. Being indoors and still getting to be athletic is a solid feature, too.

We will be outside for a fun event Saturday August 6 from 2 – 3 p.m. celebrating Sho-Sempai Michael Turner,Sho-Sempai Theo Watkins and Sho-Hanshi Dylan Williams graduation from high school and the beginning of their college education! Hart’s Soda Shop will be bringing their converted VW old-timey soda shop for us to enjoy some delicious, hand-crafted ice cream treats. Bring your own money!

A big event on the calendar for August is our fundraising Women’s Self Defense Seminar on August 13. Women can learn block, counters and strike points while supporting a good cause. All proceeds of the event will go to The Sandbox, a Charlotte nonprofit that supports families of children with cancer.

Women and girls, 12 and up, can register online for this 3:30-5:30 seminar. We’re only accepting 20 participants, and there is free babysitting if it’s needed. Sensei Roberts is hoping to fill this class early, as the funds will be used to support the nonprofit’s Evening of Believing prom in September.

Participating can prove good for you — “the more you know about self defense, the less likely you are to be taken victim,” Sensei says — but you’ll also be doing good.

In August, too, we encourage you to keep an eye on the calendar for our annual street clean-up day. We’ll need all hands on deck for when we help beautify the streets surrounding the studio.

Students of the Month

Be sure to give a congratulatory bow to last month’s Students of the Month:
Little Dragon — Ava Murphy
Junior — Lucas Forsythe
Adult — Jim Edgington
Black Belt/Nidan Club — Gabriel Villatoro
SWAT — Chris Angel
Elite SWAT — William Davis
STORM — Andrew Permenter
Fitness Kickboxing — Pete Asmer

Gabriel Villatoro began martial arts three years ago when an uncle registered him as a birthday present. The 16-year-old has stuck with it because “I found that I had a talent for it and I really enjoyed it.” Right now he’s enjoying learning the curriculum for his high red belt. Every training session is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the martial arts. Asked for advice that might help another student be selected for student of the month, he suggested, “Just do what Sensei tells you to do and not begrudgingly, and you’ll be fine.”

Smart Thinking


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