Respecting the Power of First Impressions

September is a month for starting new things. That’s why we talked this month with SWAT and STORM team members about the importance of making a good first impression. We hope that all the students learn here at CMAA helps them to do that. There are some tips in this blog, too, that might help.

Some scheduling notes:

  • Black Belt Cyclers are offering to sew karate patches onto uniforms for $3 each.
  • They’re also available to do odd jobs through the Rent-a-Cycler campaign
  • Join the Pilates Mat course for four consecutive Sundays beginning Oct. 2.

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Students of The Month

A bow of respect and hearty congratulations to this month’s hardworking students:

Little Dragon — Sienna Moulton

Junior — Sam Georgopoulos

Adult — Skott Shores

Black Belt Club — Ariana Carcamo

SWAT — Cooper Angel

Elite SWAT — Audrey Salmon

STORM — Kelly Davis

FKB — Maria Carcamo

Red belt Sam Georgopoulos was pleasantly surprised to be named Student of the Month. The fifth grader at Eastover Elementary started martial arts when he was seven looking for an after school activity and because he wanted to be able to defend himself. “I stuck with it because I thought it would be pretty cool to tell my friends I was a black belt,” he said. Plus he loves the challenge of sparring. “It’s difficult because you have to have quick reflexes and you have to make sure you don’t get hit.”

Did you know?

Sam was talking about needing to be fast and have quick reflexes, but did you know it takes only three to five seconds for someone to form a first impression of you?

Research by Harvard Business School social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows that trustworthiness and confidence are the traits people are gauging for in first impressions 80 – 90% of the time. So, how do you positively influence people’s perception of you in those first few seconds:

  • Consider your attire and the image you are projecting. Sweatpants and a stained shirt say something different than a clean, crisp shirt tucked into a pair of belted khakis.
  • Speak clearly, calmly and at a level that can be easily heard. Mumbling or muttering aren’t going to exude confidence in the same way a well-paced, smooth self-introduction will.
  • Make eye contact. Humans are instantly inclined to better trust and respect those who look them in the eye.

    first impressions martial arts

    Photo credit: _Hadock_ via / CC BY-NC-N

  • Check your attitude. Courtesy, kindness, respect, open-mindedness are attributes that earn trust much more effectively than immediately taking control of the conversation and sharing negative feedback from the outset.

Martial arts rests in respect and courtesy; we look forward to your first impressions and the many you make after that on the mats!


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