A Break From Your Martial Arts Family?

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Photo credit: Kimli via Foter.com / CC BY-NC

The holiday season is upon us! That means we’re getting ready for the Thanksgiving break and will be closed Nov 23 through Nov. 26. CMAA is only open for FKB during that time (but even that takes a day off on Nov. 24).

While we’re having a break from most classes, CMAA will give families a break by opening for a Parent’s Day Out on Nov. 25. Students will experience two classes and lots of fun between 730 a.m. and 4 p.m. that day. Cost is $59/child or $118/family. Register at the front desk!

This week in the studio, you’ll see Tee Shirts. We’re inviting students to donate at least $1 to the Black Belt Club for the right to wear a shirt of their own choosing. We’ll be doing it again Dec 5 – 10, if you’re seeing this too late to take action.

But we hope you’re reading this before Nov. 19. That’s our Appreciation Event when we sell a certain number of activity passes between 11 am and 1 pm. For example, there’s a week of camp for just $199 available for the first lucky five purchasers.

Students of the Month

Be sure to congratulate our most recent students of the month!

Little Dragon: Josephine Paoloni
Junior: Charlie Whitmire
Adult: Chris Angel
Black Belt Club: Hayden Lambkin
SWAT: Spencer Angel
Elite SWAT: Sam Georgopoulos
STORM: Nathan Glenn
FKB: Shawna Allen
PRMS: Alex Parks

Sam Georgopoulos has been a student of the month for three months running — at different levels! Sam has a solid blend of self-discipline, work ethics and a fantastic attitude! Sensei Price said, “Sam is an exceptionally hard working student. At 10 years old, he has a good grasp of when to be silly and when to buckle down.” It also helps that as a martial artist, he has his basics down pat. “Lots of focused repetition has helped him to develop power and crispness beyond his years,” Sensei said.

Oh, and did you notice two Angels on the list this month? Actually, we had an Angel this time last year too — Meredith! And Nathan Glenn was in the same spot in November 2016 too! We love seeing consistency in our students.

Did You Know?

Native Americans used raw cranberry to fight infection. The pilgrims, too, believed the red skin of the berries could help combat scurvy. Well, this traditional Thanksgiving side dish is in fact a good source of vitamin C. Cranberries are also loaded with polyphenols, which have an antioxidant effect. Cranberries get their color from anthocyanins which fight cell damage and can help reduce our inflammatory reactions.

Since we’re not always in favor of sugar at CMAA, we thought we’d also share a recipe suggestion from the NPR story that gave us the above details. Instead of boiling the bitter berries with sugar, here’s a low-calorie, non-alcoholic mocktail to trycranpunch1-e4000b5801f5dbd9a81fa6f1ab4c0543cd425964-s400-c85.jpg.



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