Reaping a new year’s goodness with CMAA

Let’s start off the new year with our own style of reaping. This January, Black Belt Club students will be working with the Kama. We have 3 styles (and 2 case options to choose from). This Okinawan martial arts weapon looks a lot like a sickle used for reaping the crops, but it’s also employed in weapons training.

For those on the leadership team, don’t forget the end of the year party is on January 14th, from 6-9pm at Kinetic Heights!  If you want to join us for some American Ninja Warrior style fun, fill out a waiver here.

Those of you who like to plan ahead will be happy to know that SUMMER CAMP REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Register today for the lowest prices of the 2017 Summer Camp Season!

Birthday Wishes

Our best of birthday wishes to these CMAA family members turning a year older this month.

January 1
Crista Cammaroto
Elyjah Shafter

January 5
Lloydie Jaeger
Tracy Nisley
Skott Shores
Sebastian Walker

January 6
Walker Darnell
Susan Gursky

January 9
Forrest Collins
Lincoln Sanders
Baylor Skinner
Charlie Whitmire

January 11
Tripp Rickenbaker

January 13
Finley Jaeger
Landon Thomas

January 14
Elliott Vennum

January 17
Christopher Young

January 18
Amanda Wagler

January 20
William Mines
Menelik Murdock

January 21
Caleb Coble

January 22
Tim Kendrick

January 24
Kelly Davis
Max Prizinski
Beckett Skinner

January 26
Jimmy Simpson

January 27
Drew Hardison

January 29
Trae McAllister
Akira Osaka

Smart Thinking

What better way to prepare your mind than with the lessons of patience, respect, and self-discipline that come with the effort to master the martial arts? We look forward to seeing you back on the mats in 2017!

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