Who’s got Spirit? CMAA That’s who!

After yet another great session with Sigung Richard Bustillo, we know what our students really want is MORE training. You’re energized. Well, good thing we have some added classes March 17 and 31 (Beginners 6 pm, Novice and Intermediate 645). Plus, there is a weapons boot camp Sunday March 26 from 1-3. Sign up!

You’re enthused! Great. Show it at Spirit Week. From March 27 – April
1 we’ll be having special themed days including wacky hair and silly
uniform. You’ll also have a chance to compete against classmates in
the tournament Sat. April 1. We’ll be judging kata, grappling, weapons
and more.

You’re magnetic! Well, your personality is at least…But here we’re
talking about our Summer Camp magnet contest. Sign yours out today at
the front desk. Then you can be entered to win prizes such as
T-shirts, gift certificates or a free week of camp! In the meantime,
register for another exciting fun week of camp — the next price
increase is in May.

Students of the Month

Little Dragon Joel Murphy
Beginners Sid Rau
Adult Jonathan Carcamo
Black Belt/Nidan Club Ariel Carcamo
SWAT Lena Georgopolous
Elite SWAT Mason Shores
STORM Jacob Asmer
Fitness Kick Boxing Manley Roberts
PRMS Henry Earl

Studying martial arts is a family affair for the Carcamo’s; this month
two of them are recognized for their efforts. Ariel, 11, is a high
blue belt that started after her brother did. The Carolina
International School (CIS) student likes learning the moves she would
need for self-defense, knowing she could “fight back if someone tries
to attack me.”

Jonathan, 13, too is now confident that he could stand up to someone
if need be. Although he started out “absurdly weak and short,” that’s
no longer an issue. Plus, he enjoys the community at CMAA as well as
the responsibility he has learned. “I am more disciplined that I was

Asked which sibling would win if they set against each other — Ariel
and her sister Ariana gave themselves a 10 percent chance of success.
Asked separately Jonathan, though, gave them no chance at all.
Nevertheless, he conceded, it used to be easy, but now he needs at
least one arm and one leg to fend them off.

Martial arts Charlotte

Did you know?

The Carcamo’s are not the only family that has joined our CMAA family.
All of them know the benefit of exercising together. When you have a
friend or family member pursuing similar goals it’s easier to achieve

1. You can motivate each other.
2. Scheduling classes is easier.
3. You’ll feel braver trying new things.
4. There’s support in numbers.
5. You have someone to vent to (away from the mats – although what’s
there to complain about, really?).
6. You can push each other and compete (in a friendly way of course).




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