Martial Arts Mayhem

Well, not really mayhem, we’re keeping it pretty calm, cool and collected here at Charlotte Arts Martial Academy — as usual. But we know how to have fun, as we proved at the end of quarter bowling party. Or, consider the jokes or dancing option for our latest belt testers.

One rising red belt had a good one ready: “Why are polar bears slow to marry?” “Because they have cold feet!”

The mayhem is more likely to start in June when we welcome kids campers 5 – 15 to join us playing games, doing crafts, and taking martial arts classes instead of sitting at a desk in school all day. May is the last full one before summer camp sessions begin. Don’t forget to register today! Oh, and there’s still time for you to win big in the CMAA Summer Camp Car Magnet contest. Register for that at the front desk. First prize is a $50 CMAA gift certificate!

In the meantime, we’ll see you at STORM/SWAT Team Training Friday May 5 at 6 pm. Also, please note that we’re not offering FKB & Strength Training or 2nd or 3rd degree black belt classes on May 13th. Plus, we’ll be closed Memorial Day weekend.

CMAA Family Birthdays

With the following a happy birthday when you see them on the mats!

May 2

Charlotte Gay

Grace Gay

May 10

Payton Majors

Vaughn Vega

May 11

Sean Borachok

May 14

Brent Dutton

Keane Teeter

May 17

Shawna Allen

Alec Antista

Beth Fischer

May 18

Nicholas Kedar

May 19

Eric Fischer

May 21

Jonathan Young

May 22

Matthew Johnson

Eli Zoller

May 23

Kim Glenn

May 26

Jonathan Caracamo

Sam Georgopoulos

Joe Glenn

May 27

Jim Nisley

May 28

Lena Georgopoulos

James Leicester

Urijah Miller

Isaac Sheridan

May 29

Jack Gertner

Kourtney Thomas

May 31

James Edgington

Smart Thinking


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