Honoring Those That Fight

martial arts charlotte

Photo credit: Rick Tew’s NinjaGym™ Martial Arts via Foter.com / CC BY-ND

We’re a martial arts school. Of course, we honor those who have fought for their country. Just a reminder, though, we’ll be closed Memorial Day weekend.

But you still have time this month, if you’re a Mom, to train with CMAA for free! After encouraging siblings to join us on the mats in April, we’re extending the invite to mothers in May.

Novice and Intermediate Testing is May 19 at 6 p.m. Plus, starting May 22, you can begin wearing your summer uniform (CMAA T-shirt and shorts) to class!

Summer camp begins next month. There’s still time to register for your spot!

Students of the Month

Little Dragons — Corbin Rosensteel

Junior — Lincoln Sanders

Adult — Will Mines

Black Belt/Nidan Club — Lucas Forsythe

SWAT — John Reiley Gregory

Elite SWAT — William Davis

STORM — Andrew Parmenter

Fitness Kickboxing — Joe Glenn

Mr. Will Mines returned to martial arts as an adult just three years ago. He’d enjoyed a few years training as a child, but was distracted by high school track and football. The former linebacker, who attended Gardner Webb University, is now an IT recruiter who revels in the physicality of his CMAA classes. “It’s the closest thing to football,” he said. The proud papa to two dogs says the hardest part of the martial arts is “committing to the details of doing everything right.” In the end, it’s worth it though!

Did You Know?

The Marine Corps has its own Martial Arts program focused on being an “ethical warrior” with the motto: “One Mind Any Weapon.”

In fact, earlier this year the Marines invited several UFC Fighters to experience its Martial Arts Center of Excellence at Quantico.

The fighters were put in combat situations and training drills. If you ever think our Fitness Kickboxing training is tough, fast forward to 6:30 on the video to learn about the Combat Fitness Test.

“We not only teach the Marines all the kicking and punching…we also teach them how to be good leaders,” an instructor says in the video. Sound familiar?


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