School’s Out — Summer Fun with CMAA

School’s almost out for summer. You may be thinking of the Alice Cooper song, but while you’re thinking “no more pencils, no more books,” we’re getting ready for summer camp sessions starting June 12!

Campers ages 6 and up can enjoy martial arts, anti-bullying and foam weaponry classes, water fun, gymnastics, games, arts & crafts and movies!

Camp fees are $249 per week per camper. This fee covers the cost of all activities and a camp T-shirt. There is also a drop-in rate of $49 per day, plus the cost of a summer camp T-shirt (unless you already have a shirt). Camp runs from Monday – Friday from 730 am – 6 pm. If you haven’t already reviewed the camper student handbook, you can do so now!

Keep in mind, we do offer our regular classes as well as some added daytime opportunities. We’ll add Tuesday and Thursday morning classes from 930-1020 a.m. beginning June 13.

Plus, STORM/SWAT team training is June 9th.

CMAA Birthdays!

June 1

DJ Stephan

June 4

Leo Delaney

Holland Kent

Amy Rudisill

Emma Small

June 7

Rainer Collins

June 8

Norah Weddle

June 9

Giovanni Retana

June 10

Sam Pappas

June 11

Owen Edgington

June 12

Apollo Kent

June 15

Marc Allen

June 16

Nicholas Krug

June 17

Beth Fischer

June 18

Whit Wright

June 21

Spencer Angel

Hudson Hall

June 25

Lisa Kendrick

June 30

Walker Pearson

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