What color expresses your martial arts chi?

Summer camp began this week — Whew, what a difference that makes. It’s almost as if we don’t need to do any extra training outside of class any more because we’re working so hard keeping up with the campers. Almost.

We have added summer classes too. Every Tuesday and Thursday there is a Little Dragons class from 930 a.m. – 10 a.m. with All Belt levels able to take class from 9:30 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. FKB students know that Monday morning classes are not being held, but there are added Wednesday and Friday at 9 am classes.

You may have noticed sweating more during training, whether you’re working harder or not (which we hope you are!). Remember the CMAA summer uniform is CMAA T-shirt and shorts. This year’s new shirt colors are lime green, Texas orange, gold and heliconia.

Martial arts charlotte

As you look forward at your calendar, don’t forget that we’re closed the first week of July, July 3 – 8.

Students of the Month

Little Dragons — Will Rentz
Junior — Drew Muncy
Adult — Peter Morgan
Black Belt/Nidan Club — Reid Wilson
SWAT — Ariana Carcamo
Elite SWAT — Jack LaPlana
STORM — Jacob Asmer
Fitness Kickboxing — Eric Loselle

Rising Charlotte Catholic freshman Jacob Asmer loves “how easy it is to make friends at CMAA. We are all a family and no one’s excluded.” Still, the most difficult part of his training is sparring against some of those family members — in particular the Patefield twins who, he says, “are absolutely amazing at sparring.” Still, he’s got bragging rights this month as STORM student of the month.

He suggests anyone who wants to see their name on the list in the future make sure they do more than the minimums and go to plenty of classes, both regular training and FKB. He added, “you also need to be sure to stay positive in classes, even if something is frustrating you, or you just can’t get something right, you have to get back up and keep trying.”

Did You Know?

Some people need convincing of the benefits of summer camp! We were surprised too. But happy to see the many people online writing about the opportunities for child development that camp affords. The advantages include:

  • Healthy development in a place where fun is a daily criterion
  • Learning to work together, make choices, and gain confidence in a safe environment
  • Developing creative thinking and problem solving skills while good health is encouraged
  • Opportunity to meet others from different races, cultures, and socioeconomic levels

Ultimately, camp is a place for kids “to practice being the best they can be,” as the American Camp Association put it. Of course, we want that to happen at school too, but there are other pressures that can intervene.

There’s still time to register for CMAA summer camp. Do it today!


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