Summer = More Training Time!

We love summer for the extra time we get to spend with our students. First off, we offer added classes Tue and Thu mornings (930 – 10 am for Little Dragons and 930 – 1015 am for all other belts) and Wed and Fri at 9 am for FKB.

Plus, there’s summer camp. With two classes a day, tons of fun games, arts and crafts, water day and a competition to see which team has the healthiest lunches, we have a great time. You can still register for July & August sessions.

summer camp Charlotte

Please note though that we are closed for classes and camp the week of July 2 – 9. You’ll have to practice at home during that week!

Save the date also for the July 16 STORM & SWAT end of quarter party. We’ll share more details soon, and you can check Facebook.


Help us celebrate these CMAA family member’s birthdays!

July 5

 Rhett Teeter

July 6

Prithviraj Sen

July 7

David Patefield

Todd Patefield

Alex Walker

July 12

Derek Walker

July 13

Douglas Christen

Stephanie Wells

July 14

Jacob Asmer

Leo Ramirez

July 15

Joe Knaack

July 16

Nate Trinca

July 17

Clark Jaeger

July 19

Nathan Glenn

Dawn Johnson

Evan Monte

July 23

Luca Paoloni

July 30

Nicholas Wells

July 31

Owen Muncy

Lukas Sizemore

Smart Thinking

Charlotte martial arts

Image source

Babe Didrikson was a successful American athlete in golf, baseball, basketball and track and field. She won two gold track and field medals in the 1932 Summer Olympics before turning pro in golf and winning 10 LPGA majors.


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