Happy and Healthy Campers at CMAA

We’re back from an excellent week off celebrating Independence Day, and summer camp continues on at CMAA.

summer camp charlotte

We see summer camp as an important part of a happy and healthy lifestyle for kids. Teaching responsibility and independence, encouraging technology-free fun, embracing creative play and giving kids lots of physical activity, camp offers skills to overcome life’s challenges. Plus, our campers compete together in friendly contests over the healthiest lunch options — helping their healthy eating habits too.

There’s still time to register for CMAA summer camp. Do it today!

STORM and SWAT team members, don’t forget to RSVP for the end-of-quarter party at Sky High on July 23 starting at 245 p.m.

Students of the Month

Little Dragons — Heyes Clarkson
Junior — Owen Muncy
Adult — Maria Carcamo
Black Belt/Nidan Club — Menelik Murdock
SWAT — Ella Young
Elite SWAT — Sam Georgopolous
STORM — Hayden Lambkin
Fitness Kickboxing — Kim Glenn

Did You Know?

Having your child do chores around the house has many benefits for them. Young children and teens are often impulsive and self-absorbed — they want what they want when they want it — and unaware of how much work it takes to run a household. This can make it feel like a constant battle to get them to complete their chores. Yet, research shows that doing chores lets kids:

summer camp charlotte

  • Feel connected to the family
  • Builds their self-esteem
  • Makes the more responsible
  • Prepares them for adult life

The struggle is real, but the value is too. You are giving your child an opportunity to give back and begin to take care of him or herself and others.


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