Charlotte Martial Arts 2018

The new year is just around the corner! But, we’re still having fun and learning lots at Charlotte Martial Arts Academy. Don’t let a little cold weather keep you from your goals. We’ll be open as usual until Dec. 21st, and will look forward to seeing your smiling faces (albeit with rosy cheeks from the cold) on the mats.

We’ll be closed December 22 through Dec. 2, and there’s no NYE lock in this year. We’ll be reopening on January 3rd, 2018 (that ‘18 is going to require some getting used to). Perhaps as part of your New Year’s Resolutions you might resolve to share the benefits of martial arts training with family and friends. We’d love to welcome your guest to our classes in the coming year.

Students of the Month

Once Thanksgiving rolls around it can be more difficult to concentrate and keep our excitement about visiting with family and friends at bay. Still, the following students did a great job demonstrating continued focus and respect on the mats. Be sure to congratulate our students of the month.

Little Dragons — Ellis Fisher

Junior — Hudson Hall

Adult — Katie Hanchuruk

Black Belt/Nidan Club — Audrey Knaack

SWAT — Ibrahim Naushad

Elite SWAT — Douglas Christen

STORM — Luke Delaney

Fitness Kickboxing — Kim Glenn

Did You Know?

When it comes to setting goals there are a few key ways to set yourself up for success:

  1. Make the goal important to you. Relate your goal to a real priority for you. That way you are going to be motivated by that goal for your own benefit (not someone else’s).
  2. Set a specific goal. A common approach is to set SMART goals. These are ones that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound.
  3. Write goals down. You can also tell others of your intention. By writing the goal down you are forced to make it more concrete. By telling others you are adding a layer of accountability.
  4. Make a plan to execute the goal. Making a goal and then simply leaving the execution of that goal to chance is unlikely to work too well. Break the goal down into small, achievable steps so that you can feel a sense of accomplishment as you make progress. This will also help you to stick with it!

Santa bringing a Sword this year?

The holiday season is upon us! All the more reason to get out on the mats and exercise! Martial arts is not only a good way to remain physically fit, but it can help reduce emotional stress too. If Uncle Jimmy said something over turkey dinner that you’re having a hard time letting go of, the chance to grapple or kick box might be the release you need.

Our STORM/SWAT team members should have the December 8th Leadership Team training on their calendars. That starts at 6 p.m. Plus, those who have been making belt progress are up for testing later this month — December 15th. Bring your bad jokes or songs.

As you look ahead to 2018, don’t forget to order a Tai Chi sword if you’re a Black Belt Club member. Needed for weapons training in January, these are a great gift idea!! Santa’s elves would surely appreciate the opportunity to craft something other than teddy bears and toy trains all of the time.

Celebrate CMAA Birthdays

The following students are celebrating December birthdays this month. They already have to share their special day with holiday events, so be sure to give them some birthday love.

December 5

Mackinsey Johnson

Wesley Morgan

December 6

Andrew Davis

Hank Schmidt

December 10

Stavros Kakouras

Jonah Reid

December 11

Marla Carcamo

John Really Gregory

December 13

Luca Verano

December 17

Maddox Greene

December 18

Izzy Allen 

December 20

Connor Hodgin

December 21

Lekah Ogunwale

December 22

Eliza Clarkson

Donovan Murray

December 24

Jesus Rebollo

December 25

Christopher Angel

December 26

Musa Naushad

December 27

Paige James

December 28

Rachel Guffin

Scott Reister

December 30

Finn Callaway

Stone Little

December 31

Ethan Lavoie

Will Rentz

Smart Thinking

Training before Turkey!

Our seminars with Olympian Marti Malloy are this Saturday! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn firsthand from this American judoka who has also medaled in the Pan American Games, Pan American Championships, and World Championships.

The beginners’ session is from 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. and advanced from 1 – 3 p.m. Nov. 18. Cost is $50 per person.

Plus, come out and do some early holiday shopping at our annual sale Sunday 11 – 1 p.m. It’s a great way to stock up on the equipment you’ll need for your next belt.

We’ll be closed the 22nd through the 25th for Thanksgiving Break and only offering FKB on Wed and Sat that week. Regular classes resume the 27th.

Looking forward to December, get ready for leadership team training 6 p.m. on the 8th and belt testing on the 15th at 6 p.m.

Students of the Month

Congratulations to our CMAA family members who this month displayed the discipline, hard work, courage, respect and integrity Malloy speaks about:

Little Dragons — Fabian Balassy

Junior — Joe Raible

Adult — Keith Muncy

Black Belt/Nidan Club — James Leicester

SWAT — Christopher Beamon

Elite SWAT — Jack Sorge

STORM — Sean Borachok

Fitness Kickboxing — Bryce Humphries

Did You Know?

Everyone has to learn to deal with failure. Marti Malloy is one of the most decorated Judo players in America, but she’s had to overcome defeat along the way.

When she was beginning, she was known as the girl who would walk out and grab her opponents to topple them with a head and arm throw in the first ten seconds of the fight.

Yet when she began competing internationally her streak of medaling at events dried up. Beginning her true career she was also moving from being a junior fighter to a senior one and, she said, “it was really hard for me at first; I had never really learned how to lose.”

But she didn’t let that stop her. “It became a problem for me to solve,” she said. “I analyzed why I was losing and where I was weak and I studied a lot of Judo videos. I looked at Judoka I liked and who made judo look effortless and I tried to mimic them. This approach eventually helped me start to win.”


Olympian Marti Malloy is coming to CMAA!

When did you start your martial arts training? When did you join CMAA? Well, whatever your answer to the questions, you’re going to be excited to be part of our martial arts family this month. We have Marti Malloy coming to do seminars on November 18.

She started doing judo at age six! Today she’s medaled several times at the Pan American Championships, has won a Silver at the World Championships level, and earned a Bronze from the 2012 London Olympic Games. Beginners can learn from her 10 – 12 pm and Advanced will have a session with Marti from 1 – 3 pm Nov. 18. Cost is $50 per person.

In updating your calendars, please note that Leadership Training is moved up to November 3rd from 6 – 645 pm this month due to Veteran’s Day.

Also, plan ahead to our Holiday Sale from 11 am to 1 pm Nov 19, and know we’re closed for Thanksgiving Nov. 22 – 25, and only open for FKB classes those days.

Haven’t taken our survey yet? Tell us how we’re doing!


Help us celebrate these members of the CMAA family turning another year older!


November 8

Lucas Forsythe

Nikolas Williams

November 9

Gellert Balassy

November 14

Crista Cammaroto

November 19

Amy Permenter

November 20

Andrew Permenter

Joe Raible

November 26

Zalan Balassy

Audrey Salmon

November 27

Lola Prizinski

November 30

Sadie Webdale

Smart Thinking

martial arts training charlotte

Also, check out this inspiring video with Marti talking about persistence:


How Many Ninja Costumes Will We See?

We’re hosting a Halloween party at CMAA this month! From 6 – 8 pm on October 28, we hope to see families in their costumes for a fun night together. We’ll have a costume contest, games and a haunted house! Parents, please note, this is not a drop-off event. We want you to share in the fun too!

The Halloween event is the final piece of Bring a Buddy Week. We welcome your friends and family members (any one you consider a Buddy) on the mats for a trial class Oct 23rd to Oct 28th.

Then, on Halloween night proper, we’ll be closed. We’ll likely be too busy trying to scare small children in our own neighborhood to host classes that day.


Students of the Month

Kudos to this month’s hardworking students that have done an especially great job!

Little Dragons — Madison Farley

Junior — Dylan Younce

Adult — Skott Shores

Black Belt/Nidan Club — Sid Rau

SWAT — Stephen Knaack

Elite SWAT — Nicolas Kedar

STORM — Hayden Lampkin

Fitness Kickboxing — Tim Kendrick

Did you know?

Sure, it’s fun to get or give out Halloween treats at this time of year. Yet, you don’t want to get stuck with pounds of candy at the house after the big night. Here are some ideas on what you can do with any leftover candy (or too much loot):

If you have any leftover tricks, bring them to your next belt testing. Maybe you can make Sensei laugh if you get a question wrong.

Martial Arts Makes Leaders

Every day you train at Charlotte Martial Arts Academy you’re learning leadership. By respecting the instructors, by following instructions, and by supporting each other on the mats, you are being a leader. When you do your best, others will want to follow your example. Still, we want to be sure our Leadership Team pays attention to all of the skills a leader needs. That’s why we’ll be hosting Leadership Team training Oct 13 at 6 p.m.

martial arts leaders

Photo credit: vanitystudiosphotography via / CC BY


Looking ahead, we’ll be welcoming CMAA students’ family and friends on the mats for Buddy Week Oct 23 – 28. The week will end with a Halloween Party at 6 pm on the 28th. Plus, we want to be sure you are free to hand out healthy snacks and see the costume parade on Halloween Night. So, we’re closed Oct. 31.



These CMAAers have October birthdays — wish them well!

Oct 2

Sensei Roberts

Oct 8

Zaiir Walcott

Oct 9

Josephine Paoloni

Graham Young

Oct 10

William Davis

Oct 11

Peter Morgan

Oct 13

Kristin Darnell

Jordan Jaeger

Loral Kingsley

Oct 18

Alden Fletcher

Oct 20

Matthew Sensabaugh

Oct 23

Ryan Borachok

Oct 24

Audrey Knaack

Oct 27

Miller Baldwin

Oct 28

Amelia Monte

Oct 29

Fisher Morrow

Oct 31

Ariana Carcamo

Ariel Carcamo

Smart Thinking

Birthday with Black Belts

We’re hitting out September stride. So much so that we’re back to testing again at the end of the month. Many Novice and Intermediates are up for Belt Testing at 6pm on Sept. 29. Also, please note that all classes are cancelled on Sept. 30.

In the meantime, with summer camp in the rearview mirror, we find we miss the exuberance of open play at Charlotte Martial Arts Academy. One way we get to play more games and have extra fun is when someone lets us host their birthday party! Host your next party at CMAA and enjoy an all-inclusive, professionally run party on the mats.

charlotte martial arts training

Students of the Month

Little Dragons — Fisher Morrow
Junior — Payton Majors
Adult — Joe Knaack
Black Belt/Nidan Club — Rainier Coggins
SWAT — John Reiley Gregory
Elite SWAT — Emma Small
STORM — Hayden Lambkin
Fitness Kickboxing — Liz Davis

Did You Know?

charlotte martial arts training

You can prepare better for tests — belt tests or school exams — by eating a healthy diet. Since our brain uses glucose, vitamins and minerals, water and fats to function, you need to keep these replenished to fuel your grey matter.

Here are some healthy snack suggestions for test prep courtesy of Developing Human Brain:

• Walnuts, for instance, help develop neurotransmitters while pistachios prevent inflammation in the brain and cashews improve memory.
• Apples also boost brain power, reduce anxiety, and particularly useful for martial arts, increase movement and sensory perception. That’s thanks to their high levels of acetylcholine.
• Blueberries are a super-food too thought to greatly improve memory and decision making.
• Pumpkin seeds enhance focus and help you replenish zinc in stressful times.

Here’s one more fun one: Dark Chocolate can diminish the negative effects of stress and improve problem-solving skills.

Now your only remaining problem is what amount of these you can eat before the test and still avoid a stomach ache.