Summer = More Training Time!

We love summer for the extra time we get to spend with our students. First off, we offer added classes Tue and Thu mornings (930 – 10 am for Little Dragons and 930 – 1015 am for all other belts) and Wed and Fri at 9 am for FKB.

Plus, there’s summer camp. With two classes a day, tons of fun games, arts and crafts, water day and a competition to see which team has the healthiest lunches, we have a great time. You can still register for July & August sessions.

summer camp Charlotte

Please note though that we are closed for classes and camp the week of July 2 – 9. You’ll have to practice at home during that week!

Save the date also for the July 16 STORM & SWAT end of quarter party. We’ll share more details soon, and you can check Facebook.


Help us celebrate these CMAA family member’s birthdays!

July 5

 Rhett Teeter

July 6

Prithviraj Sen

July 7

David Patefield

Todd Patefield

Alex Walker

July 12

Derek Walker

July 13

Douglas Christen

Stephanie Wells

July 14

Jacob Asmer

Leo Ramirez

July 15

Joe Knaack

July 16

Nate Trinca

July 17

Clark Jaeger

July 19

Nathan Glenn

Dawn Johnson

Evan Monte

July 23

Luca Paoloni

July 30

Nicholas Wells

July 31

Owen Muncy

Lukas Sizemore

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Babe Didrikson was a successful American athlete in golf, baseball, basketball and track and field. She won two gold track and field medals in the 1932 Summer Olympics before turning pro in golf and winning 10 LPGA majors.


What color expresses your martial arts chi?

Summer camp began this week — Whew, what a difference that makes. It’s almost as if we don’t need to do any extra training outside of class any more because we’re working so hard keeping up with the campers. Almost.

We have added summer classes too. Every Tuesday and Thursday there is a Little Dragons class from 930 a.m. – 10 a.m. with All Belt levels able to take class from 9:30 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. FKB students know that Monday morning classes are not being held, but there are added Wednesday and Friday at 9 am classes.

You may have noticed sweating more during training, whether you’re working harder or not (which we hope you are!). Remember the CMAA summer uniform is CMAA T-shirt and shorts. This year’s new shirt colors are lime green, Texas orange, gold and heliconia.

Martial arts charlotte

As you look forward at your calendar, don’t forget that we’re closed the first week of July, July 3 – 8.

Students of the Month

Little Dragons — Will Rentz
Junior — Drew Muncy
Adult — Peter Morgan
Black Belt/Nidan Club — Reid Wilson
SWAT — Ariana Carcamo
Elite SWAT — Jack LaPlana
STORM — Jacob Asmer
Fitness Kickboxing — Eric Loselle

Rising Charlotte Catholic freshman Jacob Asmer loves “how easy it is to make friends at CMAA. We are all a family and no one’s excluded.” Still, the most difficult part of his training is sparring against some of those family members — in particular the Patefield twins who, he says, “are absolutely amazing at sparring.” Still, he’s got bragging rights this month as STORM student of the month.

He suggests anyone who wants to see their name on the list in the future make sure they do more than the minimums and go to plenty of classes, both regular training and FKB. He added, “you also need to be sure to stay positive in classes, even if something is frustrating you, or you just can’t get something right, you have to get back up and keep trying.”

Did You Know?

Some people need convincing of the benefits of summer camp! We were surprised too. But happy to see the many people online writing about the opportunities for child development that camp affords. The advantages include:

  • Healthy development in a place where fun is a daily criterion
  • Learning to work together, make choices, and gain confidence in a safe environment
  • Developing creative thinking and problem solving skills while good health is encouraged
  • Opportunity to meet others from different races, cultures, and socioeconomic levels

Ultimately, camp is a place for kids “to practice being the best they can be,” as the American Camp Association put it. Of course, we want that to happen at school too, but there are other pressures that can intervene.

There’s still time to register for CMAA summer camp. Do it today!

School’s Out — Summer Fun with CMAA

School’s almost out for summer. You may be thinking of the Alice Cooper song, but while you’re thinking “no more pencils, no more books,” we’re getting ready for summer camp sessions starting June 12!

Campers ages 6 and up can enjoy martial arts, anti-bullying and foam weaponry classes, water fun, gymnastics, games, arts & crafts and movies!

Camp fees are $249 per week per camper. This fee covers the cost of all activities and a camp T-shirt. There is also a drop-in rate of $49 per day, plus the cost of a summer camp T-shirt (unless you already have a shirt). Camp runs from Monday – Friday from 730 am – 6 pm. If you haven’t already reviewed the camper student handbook, you can do so now!

Keep in mind, we do offer our regular classes as well as some added daytime opportunities. We’ll add Tuesday and Thursday morning classes from 930-1020 a.m. beginning June 13.

Plus, STORM/SWAT team training is June 9th.

CMAA Birthdays!

June 1

DJ Stephan

June 4

Leo Delaney

Holland Kent

Amy Rudisill

Emma Small

June 7

Rainer Collins

June 8

Norah Weddle

June 9

Giovanni Retana

June 10

Sam Pappas

June 11

Owen Edgington

June 12

Apollo Kent

June 15

Marc Allen

June 16

Nicholas Krug

June 17

Beth Fischer

June 18

Whit Wright

June 21

Spencer Angel

Hudson Hall

June 25

Lisa Kendrick

June 30

Walker Pearson

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Honoring Those That Fight

martial arts charlotte

Photo credit: Rick Tew’s NinjaGym™ Martial Arts via / CC BY-ND

We’re a martial arts school. Of course, we honor those who have fought for their country. Just a reminder, though, we’ll be closed Memorial Day weekend.

But you still have time this month, if you’re a Mom, to train with CMAA for free! After encouraging siblings to join us on the mats in April, we’re extending the invite to mothers in May.

Novice and Intermediate Testing is May 19 at 6 p.m. Plus, starting May 22, you can begin wearing your summer uniform (CMAA T-shirt and shorts) to class!

Summer camp begins next month. There’s still time to register for your spot!

Students of the Month

Little Dragons — Corbin Rosensteel

Junior — Lincoln Sanders

Adult — Will Mines

Black Belt/Nidan Club — Lucas Forsythe

SWAT — John Reiley Gregory

Elite SWAT — William Davis

STORM — Andrew Parmenter

Fitness Kickboxing — Joe Glenn

Mr. Will Mines returned to martial arts as an adult just three years ago. He’d enjoyed a few years training as a child, but was distracted by high school track and football. The former linebacker, who attended Gardner Webb University, is now an IT recruiter who revels in the physicality of his CMAA classes. “It’s the closest thing to football,” he said. The proud papa to two dogs says the hardest part of the martial arts is “committing to the details of doing everything right.” In the end, it’s worth it though!

Did You Know?

The Marine Corps has its own Martial Arts program focused on being an “ethical warrior” with the motto: “One Mind Any Weapon.”

In fact, earlier this year the Marines invited several UFC Fighters to experience its Martial Arts Center of Excellence at Quantico.

The fighters were put in combat situations and training drills. If you ever think our Fitness Kickboxing training is tough, fast forward to 6:30 on the video to learn about the Combat Fitness Test.

“We not only teach the Marines all the kicking and punching…we also teach them how to be good leaders,” an instructor says in the video. Sound familiar?

Martial Arts Mayhem

Well, not really mayhem, we’re keeping it pretty calm, cool and collected here at Charlotte Arts Martial Academy — as usual. But we know how to have fun, as we proved at the end of quarter bowling party. Or, consider the jokes or dancing option for our latest belt testers.

One rising red belt had a good one ready: “Why are polar bears slow to marry?” “Because they have cold feet!”

The mayhem is more likely to start in June when we welcome kids campers 5 – 15 to join us playing games, doing crafts, and taking martial arts classes instead of sitting at a desk in school all day. May is the last full one before summer camp sessions begin. Don’t forget to register today! Oh, and there’s still time for you to win big in the CMAA Summer Camp Car Magnet contest. Register for that at the front desk. First prize is a $50 CMAA gift certificate!

In the meantime, we’ll see you at STORM/SWAT Team Training Friday May 5 at 6 pm. Also, please note that we’re not offering FKB & Strength Training or 2nd or 3rd degree black belt classes on May 13th. Plus, we’ll be closed Memorial Day weekend.

CMAA Family Birthdays

With the following a happy birthday when you see them on the mats!

May 2

Charlotte Gay

Grace Gay

May 10

Payton Majors

Vaughn Vega

May 11

Sean Borachok

May 14

Brent Dutton

Keane Teeter

May 17

Shawna Allen

Alec Antista

Beth Fischer

May 18

Nicholas Kedar

May 19

Eric Fischer

May 21

Jonathan Young

May 22

Matthew Johnson

Eli Zoller

May 23

Kim Glenn

May 26

Jonathan Caracamo

Sam Georgopoulos

Joe Glenn

May 27

Jim Nisley

May 28

Lena Georgopoulos

James Leicester

Urijah Miller

Isaac Sheridan

May 29

Jack Gertner

Kourtney Thomas

May 31

James Edgington

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Honoring a Martial Arts Master


We’d like to take a moment to recognize the late Sigung Richard Bustillo. Having trained under Bruce Lee, Sigung Bustillo taught our Sensei’s and many of our students through annual seminars in the art of Jeet Kune Do (JKD), Jiujitsu, Muay Thai and Kali/Escrima.

Sigung Bustillo began studying martial arts in his native Hawaii at the age of 8. The Filipino-American began his study under Bruce Lee in Los Angeles at age 24. In his lifetime he was also certified as US Olympic Training Center boxing coach, welcomed into the Black Belt Hall of Fame and the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He also worked with law enforcement as a defensive tactics instructor.

Credited with a role in generating worldwide interest in JKD, Sigung Bustillo was remembered this week in a memorial celebration for his “warmth, humor, and generosity” and being “quick with both his jabs and his jokes.” His home academy honored him as a humble mentor: “He knew no single approach was right for every student and guided many in reaching a level they didn’t know they were capable of — both on and off the mat.”

We at CMAA are grateful for the time he shared with us perpetuating the martial arts. We will continue to work diligently to foster his unselfish, comprehensive and practical approach to the martial arts in our own students.

Students of the Month

Here are April’s standout students!

Little Dragon — Stone Little
Junior — Ella Young
Adult — Derek Walker
BBC/NC — Douglas Christen
SWAT — Jack Sorge
Elite SWAT — Whit Wright
STORM — Hayden Lambkin
FKB — Johann Carcamo
Park Road — Devin Antista

Brown belt Jack Sorge has been studying martial arts with us for the past five years. The seventh grader at the Fletcher School enjoys being able to help students learn something he enjoys doing. In particular, he enjoys using the weapons — any weapon. Remembering the kata can be challenging, he concedes, yet he would encourage anyone to try martial arts saying: “Try it definitely because it can teach you life lessons.”

martial arts charlotte

Did You Know?

Popeye was on to something with his enthusiasm for spinach. This edible flowering plant’s leaves (which we eat as a vegetable) are rich in a variety of health benefits. The World’s Healthiest Foods site ranks spinach as its:

# 1 source of magnesium and iron (both minerals)
# 2 source of vitamins B2 and B6 (both water-soluble vitamins)
# 3 source of folate (another water-soluble vitamin
# 2 source of vitamin K (a fat-soluble vitamin)
# 2 source of vitamin E
# 3 source of calcium, potassium, and vitamin A
# 5 source of manganese
# 8 source of copper. Not sure where pennies rank on their listings for copper, but presumably low on the list since they are not food!

Slip spinach into a fruit smoothie, or try some of these 10 Kid-Friendly Spinach Recipes to find creative ways to get reluctant Popeye’s to eat their greens.



Martial Arts Charlotte Fun

Well, that was fun. Spirit week always is, right? We’re so glad that our CMAA Family enjoys being wacky with us.

So, what’s coming up? More martial arts training opportunities with an added Friday classes on April 21 — Beginners (6-645 pm) and Novice & Intermediate (645- 730 pm). Plus, don’t forget to be at STORM & SWAT training in full uniform Friday April 7!

Plus, if you haven’t already signed out a magnet touting our Summer Camps, it’s not too late to enter the contest. We have a monthly drawing for prizes including gift certificates, CMAA T-shirts and even a free week of camp. Are you signed up yet for Camp? The next price increase begins in May, so get on it by registering now.

This Month’s CMAA Birthdays

April 3
Seth McRae
April 4
Liz Davis
Kate Hoover
April 5
Ryan Stokes
April 9
Johan Carcamo
April 10
Stone Simpson
April 11
Cameron Shores
April 13
Lesley Padilla
April 14
Nicole Walker
April 16
Sid Rau
April 18
Jennifer Roberts
April 21
Ethan Garafola
April 22
Dylan Younce
April 24
Mason Gibbs
April 25
Madison Farley
Zach Pearson
April 27
Alex Kendrick
April 29
Dominic Reid

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martial arts fun charlotte