Martial Arts Mayhem

Well, not really mayhem, we’re keeping it pretty calm, cool and collected here at Charlotte Arts Martial Academy — as usual. But we know how to have fun, as we proved at the end of quarter bowling party. Or, consider the jokes or dancing option for our latest belt testers.

One rising red belt had a good one ready: “Why are polar bears slow to marry?” “Because they have cold feet!”

The mayhem is more likely to start in June when we welcome kids campers 5 – 15 to join us playing games, doing crafts, and taking martial arts classes instead of sitting at a desk in school all day. May is the last full one before summer camp sessions begin. Don’t forget to register today! Oh, and there’s still time for you to win big in the CMAA Summer Camp Car Magnet contest. Register for that at the front desk. First prize is a $50 CMAA gift certificate!

In the meantime, we’ll see you at STORM/SWAT Team Training Friday May 5 at 6 pm. Also, please note that we’re not offering FKB & Strength Training or 2nd or 3rd degree black belt classes on May 13th. Plus, we’ll be closed Memorial Day weekend.

CMAA Family Birthdays

With the following a happy birthday when you see them on the mats!

May 2

Charlotte Gay

Grace Gay

May 10

Payton Majors

Vaughn Vega

May 11

Sean Borachok

May 14

Brent Dutton

Keane Teeter

May 17

Shawna Allen

Alec Antista

Beth Fischer

May 18

Nicholas Kedar

May 19

Eric Fischer

May 21

Jonathan Young

May 22

Matthew Johnson

Eli Zoller

May 23

Kim Glenn

May 26

Jonathan Caracamo

Sam Georgopoulos

Joe Glenn

May 27

Jim Nisley

May 28

Lena Georgopoulos

James Leicester

Urijah Miller

Isaac Sheridan

May 29

Jack Gertner

Kourtney Thomas

May 31

James Edgington

Smart Thinking

Honoring a Martial Arts Master


We’d like to take a moment to recognize the late Sigung Richard Bustillo. Having trained under Bruce Lee, Sigung Bustillo taught our Sensei’s and many of our students through annual seminars in the art of Jeet Kune Do (JKD), Jiujitsu, Muay Thai and Kali/Escrima.

Sigung Bustillo began studying martial arts in his native Hawaii at the age of 8. The Filipino-American began his study under Bruce Lee in Los Angeles at age 24. In his lifetime he was also certified as US Olympic Training Center boxing coach, welcomed into the Black Belt Hall of Fame and the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He also worked with law enforcement as a defensive tactics instructor.

Credited with a role in generating worldwide interest in JKD, Sigung Bustillo was remembered this week in a memorial celebration for his “warmth, humor, and generosity” and being “quick with both his jabs and his jokes.” His home academy honored him as a humble mentor: “He knew no single approach was right for every student and guided many in reaching a level they didn’t know they were capable of — both on and off the mat.”

We at CMAA are grateful for the time he shared with us perpetuating the martial arts. We will continue to work diligently to foster his unselfish, comprehensive and practical approach to the martial arts in our own students.

Students of the Month

Here are April’s standout students!

Little Dragon — Stone Little
Junior — Ella Young
Adult — Derek Walker
BBC/NC — Douglas Christen
SWAT — Jack Sorge
Elite SWAT — Whit Wright
STORM — Hayden Lambkin
FKB — Johann Carcamo
Park Road — Devin Antista

Brown belt Jack Sorge has been studying martial arts with us for the past five years. The seventh grader at the Fletcher School enjoys being able to help students learn something he enjoys doing. In particular, he enjoys using the weapons — any weapon. Remembering the kata can be challenging, he concedes, yet he would encourage anyone to try martial arts saying: “Try it definitely because it can teach you life lessons.”

martial arts charlotte

Did You Know?

Popeye was on to something with his enthusiasm for spinach. This edible flowering plant’s leaves (which we eat as a vegetable) are rich in a variety of health benefits. The World’s Healthiest Foods site ranks spinach as its:

# 1 source of magnesium and iron (both minerals)
# 2 source of vitamins B2 and B6 (both water-soluble vitamins)
# 3 source of folate (another water-soluble vitamin
# 2 source of vitamin K (a fat-soluble vitamin)
# 2 source of vitamin E
# 3 source of calcium, potassium, and vitamin A
# 5 source of manganese
# 8 source of copper. Not sure where pennies rank on their listings for copper, but presumably low on the list since they are not food!

Slip spinach into a fruit smoothie, or try some of these 10 Kid-Friendly Spinach Recipes to find creative ways to get reluctant Popeye’s to eat their greens.



Martial Arts Charlotte Fun

Well, that was fun. Spirit week always is, right? We’re so glad that our CMAA Family enjoys being wacky with us.

So, what’s coming up? More martial arts training opportunities with an added Friday classes on April 21 — Beginners (6-645 pm) and Novice & Intermediate (645- 730 pm). Plus, don’t forget to be at STORM & SWAT training in full uniform Friday April 7!

Plus, if you haven’t already signed out a magnet touting our Summer Camps, it’s not too late to enter the contest. We have a monthly drawing for prizes including gift certificates, CMAA T-shirts and even a free week of camp. Are you signed up yet for Camp? The next price increase begins in May, so get on it by registering now.

This Month’s CMAA Birthdays

April 3
Seth McRae
April 4
Liz Davis
Kate Hoover
April 5
Ryan Stokes
April 9
Johan Carcamo
April 10
Stone Simpson
April 11
Cameron Shores
April 13
Lesley Padilla
April 14
Nicole Walker
April 16
Sid Rau
April 18
Jennifer Roberts
April 21
Ethan Garafola
April 22
Dylan Younce
April 24
Mason Gibbs
April 25
Madison Farley
Zach Pearson
April 27
Alex Kendrick
April 29
Dominic Reid

Smart Thinking

martial arts fun charlotte

Who’s got Spirit? CMAA That’s who!

After yet another great session with Sigung Richard Bustillo, we know what our students really want is MORE training. You’re energized. Well, good thing we have some added classes March 17 and 31 (Beginners 6 pm, Novice and Intermediate 645). Plus, there is a weapons boot camp Sunday March 26 from 1-3. Sign up!

You’re enthused! Great. Show it at Spirit Week. From March 27 – April
1 we’ll be having special themed days including wacky hair and silly
uniform. You’ll also have a chance to compete against classmates in
the tournament Sat. April 1. We’ll be judging kata, grappling, weapons
and more.

You’re magnetic! Well, your personality is at least…But here we’re
talking about our Summer Camp magnet contest. Sign yours out today at
the front desk. Then you can be entered to win prizes such as
T-shirts, gift certificates or a free week of camp! In the meantime,
register for another exciting fun week of camp — the next price
increase is in May.

Students of the Month

Little Dragon Joel Murphy
Beginners Sid Rau
Adult Jonathan Carcamo
Black Belt/Nidan Club Ariel Carcamo
SWAT Lena Georgopolous
Elite SWAT Mason Shores
STORM Jacob Asmer
Fitness Kick Boxing Manley Roberts
PRMS Henry Earl

Studying martial arts is a family affair for the Carcamo’s; this month
two of them are recognized for their efforts. Ariel, 11, is a high
blue belt that started after her brother did. The Carolina
International School (CIS) student likes learning the moves she would
need for self-defense, knowing she could “fight back if someone tries
to attack me.”

Jonathan, 13, too is now confident that he could stand up to someone
if need be. Although he started out “absurdly weak and short,” that’s
no longer an issue. Plus, he enjoys the community at CMAA as well as
the responsibility he has learned. “I am more disciplined that I was

Asked which sibling would win if they set against each other — Ariel
and her sister Ariana gave themselves a 10 percent chance of success.
Asked separately Jonathan, though, gave them no chance at all.
Nevertheless, he conceded, it used to be easy, but now he needs at
least one arm and one leg to fend them off.

Martial arts Charlotte

Did you know?

The Carcamo’s are not the only family that has joined our CMAA family.
All of them know the benefit of exercising together. When you have a
friend or family member pursuing similar goals it’s easier to achieve

1. You can motivate each other.
2. Scheduling classes is easier.
3. You’ll feel braver trying new things.
4. There’s support in numbers.
5. You have someone to vent to (away from the mats – although what’s
there to complain about, really?).
6. You can push each other and compete (in a friendly way of course).



Train with a Living Legend

Our Sensei is Coming! Our Sensei is Coming!

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Once again we are hosting Sigung Richard Bustillo. This “Living Legend” who trained under Bruce Lee will teach our students the art of Jeet Kune Do (9 – 1130 a.m.) and Jiu-Jitsu (1-330 p.m.) on March 4. March 5 will be spent on Boxing/Muay Thai (830 a.m. – 11 a.m.) and Kali/Escrima (12-2 p.m.). Attend the whole weekend for $179 (in advance, or $199 at the door), one day for $109 or one class for $59. Catered lunch is available for $15/day. Register at the front desk!

We’re also offering additional classes in March on Friday March 3, 17 and 31. Beginners can train from 6 – 645 p.m. The novice/intermediate class is from 645 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

The extra class means an added chance to show your spirit later this month when we host Spirit Week March 27 – April 1. You’ll have a chance to wear a wacky uniform, style your silly hair and more.

Keep an eye out, too, for details about the April 1 tournament at CMAA! Compete against fellow students in Kata performances, Weapon Kata, Team Kata and a grappling challenge.   Divisions will be broken up by age, skill, rank and size.  Don’t miss out on your chance to win your own set of custom engraved CMAA dog tags!!

March Birthdays in the CMAA Family

March 3
Jacob Glenn
Corbin Rosensteel
March 4
Mallory Obstler
March 5
Keith Hall
Tiffany Shores
March 6
Menke Allen
March 7
Nicholas Glenn
March 12
Henry Hammers
March 13
Caroline Mecia
March 14
Allison Fischer
March 17
Jason Murphy
March 20
Henry Hoover
March 23
Samuel Johnson
Maeve Raible
March 24
Ellis Small
March 26
Lunden Hall
March 29
Alex Kedar
March 31
Jurgen Buchenau
Dylan Williams

Smart Thinking

No Virtual Grappling Please…

What with holidays and snow days, some students may feel behind in their classes. Catch up at our Curriculum Boot Camp on Sunday Feb. 26th. Register for the 1-3 p.m. class; cost is $59. We’re also offering additional Friday night classes for beginners 6 – 645 pm and novice/intermediate 645- 730 pm on Feb 17 and a Monster FKB class on Feb 20 from 6 – 8.

While you’re in the studio, register at the front desk for training with Sensei’s teacher Sigung Richard Bustillo. This annual seminar sees a martial arts master who trained under Bruce Lee teaching our students the art of Jeet Kune Do, Jiujitsu, Muay Thia and Kali/Escrima. Attend the whole weekend for $179 (in advance, or $199 at the door), one day for $109 or one class for $59. Catered lunch is available for $15/day.

Part of the fun of martial arts is learning to use weapons and to grapple. Nevertheless, we’ve made a decision to prohibit video gaming at the school. Electronic devices are still welcome, of course, but we ask that students waiting for class or siblings in attendance not play video games on site. Perhaps read an e-book instead? For instance, the chapter book series Moonshadow: The Rise of the Ninja is set in Japan during Shogun rule.

Students of the Month

Here are February’s standout students!

Little Dragon — Luca Paoloni

Junior — Cole Longworth

Adult — Gabriel Villatoro

BBC/NC — Lena Georgopolous

SWAT — Reid Wilson

Elite SWAT — Luke DeLaney

STORM — Hank Schmidt

FKB — Susan Gursky

Park Road — Sienna Moulton

Providence Day School sixth-grader Cole moved to Charlotte from Los Angeles last year and made CMAA his new martial arts home. “It really helps you focus and lets out energy so it’s not all pent up,” he said. The grappling on the mats has been the hardest part for him to adjust to after three years spent studying taekwondo, which is all kicking (rather than grips on the ground). But the high blue belt loves working with the weapons — his favorite so far has been nunchucks.

Did You Know?

You can reduce stress by reducing negative self-talk. According to research cited by the Mayo Clinic, positive thinking can provide many benefits:
• Increased life span
• Lower rates of depression
• Lower levels of distress
• Greater resistance to the common cold
• Better psychological and physical well-being
• Reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
• Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress

Turn negative thinking into positive self-talk with practice. Identify areas in your life that you typically think negatively about and start out by trying to take a more positive approach to one of those things (e.g. a class in school, a commute, a relationship). It also helps to be open to humor, check in on your mental attitude throughout the day, and follow a healthy lifestyle (which includes studying martial arts!).

How to get better in martial arts

There is one simple way to improve in martial arts. You can guess it. That’s right: Practice. We’re making it easier for students to get more training in starting this month with our added classes on the first and third Fridays of the month. That means this month, on February 3 and 17 we’ve added a Beginner class at 6pm and a Novice/Intermediate class at 6:45pm. Come start your weekend off with martial arts motivation!

While you’re here, check out a CMAA Summer Camp Magnet. We’re starting our annual contest in which those who proudly display the magnet on their car are entered into drawings. Monthly, We’ll draw for $50 and $25 gift certificates to the school or a T-shirt. Every 60 days we will draw for a FREE week of Summer Camp.

Summer camp registration is already open, by the way, so book now and get a reduced rate!

CMAA Family Birthdays

February 2
Tucker Cattie
February 7
Joel Murphy
February 8
Rosemary Ferguson
February 9
Ben Reister
Nathan Slattery
February 16
Hayden Lambkin
February 19
Jake Guffin
February 21
Kate McLaughlin
February 23
Winston Smith
February 24
Jack Andreozzi
February 27
Ruby Mayers
February 28
Gregg Watkins

Smart Thinking