Labor Day and Martial Arts

 You probably know Labor Day is more than the makings of a long weekend. Since the late 1800s the first Monday in September has been dedicated to workers’ contributions to the country’s strength, prosperity and well-being. So, although we’re closed Labor Day weekend (though Fitness Kickboxing will still be offered), we want to take this opportunity to recognize your contributions to CMAA’s strength and prosperity.


Without your hard work as students, Charlotte Martial Arts Academy would not be as successful. Your willingness to train, learn, and persevere provide the foundation for our school’s culture. So, while enjoying some time off this weekend, we hope you’ll also enjoy this tribute to each of you for your special contributions.


Many CMAAers have birthdays this month. Wish them well when you see them on the mats!

Sept 5

Misa Harashima

Sept 7

Heyes Clarkson

Sept 8

Sandy Skardon

Sept 10

Eric Loselle

Cindy Watkins

Sept 13

Jude Murphy

Lydia Skardon

Sept 16

Luke Godshall

Chance Nisley

Janna Williams

Sept 17

Meredith Angel

Sept 18

Ibraheem Naushad

Sept 20

Jack Sorge

Sept 21

Luke Delaney

Sept 26

Stellan Barkley

Sept 27

Nolan DeRose

Charles Hammacher

Reid Wilson

Sept 29

Callan Henry

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Back to School Routine includes CMAA


charlotte martial arts

We’re in the midst of our final week of summer camp this week — what a fun summer it has been! But, like you, we’re starting to turn our attention to getting back to the regular routine of the school year.

We will be returning to our typical class schedule of Monday and Friday morning fitness kickboxing and no morning martial arts classes! If you want a tune up to get back into a regular training routine, let us know. We’re happy to set you up with a FREE private lesson to get you back on track with your classes.

Students of the Month

Congrats to these hard working students for all they did this past month!

Little Dragons — Ava Murphy

Junior — Ibraheem Naushad

Adult — Charles Hammacker

Black Belt/Nidan Club — Walker Darnell

SWAT — Jack Sorge

Elite SWAT — Jonathan Carcamo

STORM — Chance Nisley

Fitness Kickboxing — Scott Reister

 Ibraheem had a big smile on his face when he learned he was student of the month. The second grader at Chantilly Montessori figures he has been doing martial arts only seven or eight months. The green belt has been enjoying learning new things and doing fun stuff.  He says the nunchuck kata can be hard to remember, and he worries some about learning all of the skills as the belt difficulty builds, but he likes being challenged. No wonder then he is a student of the month!

charlotte martial arts

Did You Know?

Going back to school again represents a big change for everyone in the household. There are ways, though, to make the transition a little easier.

  • Adjust bedtime 15 minutes earlier over the next week or so to practice getting to bed sooner. This can help make the morning routine a little less hectic and difficult!
  • Plan ahead how your family will handle a missed or delayed bus. In the first weeks back the bus schedule can be erratic — don’t plan any early morning meetings you can avoid if you need to wait and be sure a child is aboard the bus first!
  • Avoid overbooking, especially in the early weeks when you are adapting to the new routine, focus on making fewer extra commitments. In this way you can gauge how well your student can manage school work and other activities before adding on to the calendar.

You might also have your child pick out five fresh outfits for the week of classes on Sunday morning. You’ll know you have enough clean clothes ready (and be giving yourself time still on the weekend to do laundry if needed). Of course, we’d suggest making sure their karate bag is packed with everything in top shape too! See you on the mats.

Still time for summer martial arts fun!

August has arrived, but that doesn’t mean your summer fun is over. We still have room in our camps for this coming month. What are you waiting for? Register for your spot!

We’re also offering our extra class sessions during the day while camp is on. Every Tuesday and Thursday there is a Little Dragons class from 930 a.m. – 10 a.m. with All Belt levels able to take class from 9:30 a.m. – 10:15 a.m.

Keep in mind, though, we’ll soon be returning to our regular class schedule of Monday and Friday morning fitness kickboxing and no morning martial arts classes. We’ll also be returning to regular uniforms!

If you’re coming back to CMAA from a summer break, let us know. We’re happy to set you up with a FREE private lesson to get you back on track with your classes.

August Birthdays

We have 20 CMAA family members to fete this month. Be sure to wish them a Happy Birthday when you see them on the mats.

Aug 2
Finn Cavanaugh
Aug 4
Laney Abernethy
Elliot Huffman
Aug 8
Ainsley Lauder
Aug 10
Jack LaPiana
Aug 12
Justin Sparks
Aug 14
Keith Muncy
Aug 17
Cooper Angel
Anthony Coggins
Aug 18
Cole Longworth
Aug 22
Sam Johnson
Aug 23
Landon Broadwell
Ava Murphy
Aug 24
Davis McArthur
Mandy Stroup
Aug 25
Mason Shores
Aug 27
Axel Prus
Jenson Prus
Aug 30
Christopher Beaman
Stephen Knaack

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Happy and Healthy Campers at CMAA

We’re back from an excellent week off celebrating Independence Day, and summer camp continues on at CMAA.

summer camp charlotte

We see summer camp as an important part of a happy and healthy lifestyle for kids. Teaching responsibility and independence, encouraging technology-free fun, embracing creative play and giving kids lots of physical activity, camp offers skills to overcome life’s challenges. Plus, our campers compete together in friendly contests over the healthiest lunch options — helping their healthy eating habits too.

There’s still time to register for CMAA summer camp. Do it today!

STORM and SWAT team members, don’t forget to RSVP for the end-of-quarter party at Sky High on July 23 starting at 245 p.m.

Students of the Month

Little Dragons — Heyes Clarkson
Junior — Owen Muncy
Adult — Maria Carcamo
Black Belt/Nidan Club — Menelik Murdock
SWAT — Ella Young
Elite SWAT — Sam Georgopolous
STORM — Hayden Lambkin
Fitness Kickboxing — Kim Glenn

Did You Know?

Having your child do chores around the house has many benefits for them. Young children and teens are often impulsive and self-absorbed — they want what they want when they want it — and unaware of how much work it takes to run a household. This can make it feel like a constant battle to get them to complete their chores. Yet, research shows that doing chores lets kids:

summer camp charlotte

  • Feel connected to the family
  • Builds their self-esteem
  • Makes the more responsible
  • Prepares them for adult life

The struggle is real, but the value is too. You are giving your child an opportunity to give back and begin to take care of him or herself and others.

Summer = More Training Time!

We love summer for the extra time we get to spend with our students. First off, we offer added classes Tue and Thu mornings (930 – 10 am for Little Dragons and 930 – 1015 am for all other belts) and Wed and Fri at 9 am for FKB.

Plus, there’s summer camp. With two classes a day, tons of fun games, arts and crafts, water day and a competition to see which team has the healthiest lunches, we have a great time. You can still register for July & August sessions.

summer camp Charlotte

Please note though that we are closed for classes and camp the week of July 2 – 9. You’ll have to practice at home during that week!

Save the date also for the July 16 STORM & SWAT end of quarter party. We’ll share more details soon, and you can check Facebook.


Help us celebrate these CMAA family member’s birthdays!

July 5

 Rhett Teeter

July 6

Prithviraj Sen

July 7

David Patefield

Todd Patefield

Alex Walker

July 12

Derek Walker

July 13

Douglas Christen

Stephanie Wells

July 14

Jacob Asmer

Leo Ramirez

July 15

Joe Knaack

July 16

Nate Trinca

July 17

Clark Jaeger

July 19

Nathan Glenn

Dawn Johnson

Evan Monte

July 23

Luca Paoloni

July 30

Nicholas Wells

July 31

Owen Muncy

Lukas Sizemore

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Charlotte martial arts

Image source

Babe Didrikson was a successful American athlete in golf, baseball, basketball and track and field. She won two gold track and field medals in the 1932 Summer Olympics before turning pro in golf and winning 10 LPGA majors.

What color expresses your martial arts chi?

Summer camp began this week — Whew, what a difference that makes. It’s almost as if we don’t need to do any extra training outside of class any more because we’re working so hard keeping up with the campers. Almost.

We have added summer classes too. Every Tuesday and Thursday there is a Little Dragons class from 930 a.m. – 10 a.m. with All Belt levels able to take class from 9:30 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. FKB students know that Monday morning classes are not being held, but there are added Wednesday and Friday at 9 am classes.

You may have noticed sweating more during training, whether you’re working harder or not (which we hope you are!). Remember the CMAA summer uniform is CMAA T-shirt and shorts. This year’s new shirt colors are lime green, Texas orange, gold and heliconia.

Martial arts charlotte

As you look forward at your calendar, don’t forget that we’re closed the first week of July, July 3 – 8.

Students of the Month

Little Dragons — Will Rentz
Junior — Drew Muncy
Adult — Peter Morgan
Black Belt/Nidan Club — Reid Wilson
SWAT — Ariana Carcamo
Elite SWAT — Jack LaPlana
STORM — Jacob Asmer
Fitness Kickboxing — Eric Loselle

Rising Charlotte Catholic freshman Jacob Asmer loves “how easy it is to make friends at CMAA. We are all a family and no one’s excluded.” Still, the most difficult part of his training is sparring against some of those family members — in particular the Patefield twins who, he says, “are absolutely amazing at sparring.” Still, he’s got bragging rights this month as STORM student of the month.

He suggests anyone who wants to see their name on the list in the future make sure they do more than the minimums and go to plenty of classes, both regular training and FKB. He added, “you also need to be sure to stay positive in classes, even if something is frustrating you, or you just can’t get something right, you have to get back up and keep trying.”

Did You Know?

Some people need convincing of the benefits of summer camp! We were surprised too. But happy to see the many people online writing about the opportunities for child development that camp affords. The advantages include:

  • Healthy development in a place where fun is a daily criterion
  • Learning to work together, make choices, and gain confidence in a safe environment
  • Developing creative thinking and problem solving skills while good health is encouraged
  • Opportunity to meet others from different races, cultures, and socioeconomic levels

Ultimately, camp is a place for kids “to practice being the best they can be,” as the American Camp Association put it. Of course, we want that to happen at school too, but there are other pressures that can intervene.

There’s still time to register for CMAA summer camp. Do it today!

School’s Out — Summer Fun with CMAA

School’s almost out for summer. You may be thinking of the Alice Cooper song, but while you’re thinking “no more pencils, no more books,” we’re getting ready for summer camp sessions starting June 12!

Campers ages 6 and up can enjoy martial arts, anti-bullying and foam weaponry classes, water fun, gymnastics, games, arts & crafts and movies!

Camp fees are $249 per week per camper. This fee covers the cost of all activities and a camp T-shirt. There is also a drop-in rate of $49 per day, plus the cost of a summer camp T-shirt (unless you already have a shirt). Camp runs from Monday – Friday from 730 am – 6 pm. If you haven’t already reviewed the camper student handbook, you can do so now!

Keep in mind, we do offer our regular classes as well as some added daytime opportunities. We’ll add Tuesday and Thursday morning classes from 930-1020 a.m. beginning June 13.

Plus, STORM/SWAT team training is June 9th.

CMAA Birthdays!

June 1

DJ Stephan

June 4

Leo Delaney

Holland Kent

Amy Rudisill

Emma Small

June 7

Rainer Collins

June 8

Norah Weddle

June 9

Giovanni Retana

June 10

Sam Pappas

June 11

Owen Edgington

June 12

Apollo Kent

June 15

Marc Allen

June 16

Nicholas Krug

June 17

Beth Fischer

June 18

Whit Wright

June 21

Spencer Angel

Hudson Hall

June 25

Lisa Kendrick

June 30

Walker Pearson

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