Creative Fundraising at CMAA

Just as our students have started a new academic school year, we at Charlotte Martial Arts Academy have kicked off the newest Black Belt Cycle.

Did you know that part of the program is raising funds to support a cause in the community and contribute to the CMAA Booster Club’s scholarships and equipment funds? Keep this in mind when you see the posters around the front desk announcing upcoming events.

This month, the Black Belt Cyclers are offering to sew karate patches onto uniforms for $3 each. They’ve also continued the Rent-a-Cycler campaign during which you can get a Black Belt candidate to do odd jobs such as yard work or wash your car!

Plus, a Parents’ Night Out planned for Sept 10 from 6 – 10 p.m. Students are asked to bring their own dinner for a night of games and a movie — $20 per participant.

Our September calendar is out: A reminder that we’re closed for the Labor Day weekend, with the exception of Fitness Kickboxing classes Saturday at 830 a.m. and Monday 9 a.m. and 6:45 p.m.

In October, CMAA will be offering a Pilates Mat course for four consecutive Sundays beginning Oct. 2. For $40, you can join us for an hour of fundamentals on the mats.


September is the most popular month of the year to have a birthday. It’s true! Plus, this long list of CMAAers with birthdays this month stands as evidence.

Sept 1
Sienna Moulton
Sept 5
Misa Harashima
Sept 7
Heyes Clarkson
Franklin Monroe
Sept 8
Sandy Skardon
Sept 10
Eric Loselle
Cindy Gorman
Sept 13
Jude Murphy
Lydia Skardon
Sept 15
Danielle Hall
Sept 16
IA Chance Nisley
Janna Williams
Sept 17
Meredith Angel
Sept 18
Christine Litaker
Sept 20
Jack Sorge
Sept 21
IA Luke Delaney
Vaishnavi Sahukar
Sept 25
Sho-Sempai JT Bicket
Sept 26
Stellan Barkley
Sept 27
Nolan DeRose
Reid Wilson
Sept 29
Sho-Sempai Matthew Davis
Sept 30
Sempai Tyler Grier

Smart Thinking

Speaking of creativity, don’t forget Sensei Price welcomes suggestions for Terrible Joke Tuesday on the Facebook page.


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